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Delta9 Systems - Solutions

Delta9 Systems is much more than just an online retailer. We provide a host of solutions that are specifically designed to make the cannabis producer, processor, packager and retailer more efficient, more profitable, and be in compliance with state and local operating regulations. Connecting with the Delta9 network means there is no task in the garden, processing, or business operations workflow that we can’t help optimize to meet your business needs.


Traceability Systems

Cannabis Traceability Systems

Traceability systems enable cannabis production and processing facilities to capture critical data at multiple points throughout the facility in order to comply with governmental reporting requirements and operate their business and workflow in the most efficient, productive and profitable manner possible. Traceability systems utilize equipment such as barcode scanners and printers, RFID readers, weigh scales, and traceability software to provide a complete system to collect data, report it to the State, and analyze it to improve workflow, manage inventory, control costs and enhance profitability.

Delta9 Systems’ traceability solutions include specifying and supplying the right equipment, media and consumables that are specifically tailored to your cannabis facility’s needs, requirements and workflow. And we back up everything we sell with first-class service and customer support that is unparalleled in the industry.


Label and Tag Printing

Cannabis Label and Tag Printing

Delta9 Systems provides complete printing systems for all of your facility’s label printing needs, including printing identification labels, plant collars, tags and stakes, product tracking labels, packaging labels, and ingredient labels. We supply everything you need to print labels, including printers, blank label media, software and printer service plans.

For cannabis facilities, there is no right “one-size-fits-all” label printing solution. That’s why we work with our customers to analyze their facility needs and workflow, and specify the right label printing solutions in the right locations that will maximize productivity and return on investment.


On-Demand Color Label Printing

Cannabis Color Label Printing

Cannabis color label printing is a solution that is tailor-made for cannabis producers and processors. Cannabais color label printing involves special digital inkjet cannabis color label printers and special label media to print high-resolution full color cannabis labels on-demand, as you need them. The printed labels feature outstanding color and crisp lines and edges for text and barcodes. They are also resistant to abrasion, fading and exposure to moisture.

On-demand color label printing is ideal for producing professional-looking cannabis packaging labels. Cannabis professionals can easily create and print the labels they need, when they need them, without having to carry an inventory of pre-printed labels.


Cannabis Potency Measurement and Testing

Cannabis Potency Measurement and Testing

Cannabis potency doesn't have to be a mystery, guess or assumption. Purpl PRO is an easy to use, affordable and crazy accurate cannabis potency measurement system. Using a simple testing device that connects vis Bluetooth to any smartphone, cannabis samples can be quickly tested on-the-spot for CBD and THC potency with lab-level accuracy.

Test as many samples as you want, and Purpl PRO provides an immediate analysis of the potency of your samples. Purpl PRO turns your mobile phone into a state-of-the-art CBD and THC potency measurement system.


METRC Label Printing Integration

Label Printing Integration For METRC

The Delta9 team has created a software solution that allows Cannabis Pros to combine the traceability label printing process required for retailers with their product packaging label printing. Upon receipt of a retail order, producer/processors can automatically import traceability information directly from METRC and print their traceability label, strain label, and product brand packaging label at one time, with all of the information on those three labels combined and contained on one label.

Operators can now quickly design and print a single label for each SKU they have that combines the individual Batch and retail barcode data required for sales on Full Color, die cut, branded media. Any data that is in your Traceability system: Potency, Cannabinoid Profiles, Terpenes, Unit Weights, can now be imported, error free directly from METRC.

This smart integration allows for each manifested order to generate print quality label templates that have the both the variable batch information for each SKU and the brand packaging design in one file that is ready for printing on-demand. Combining these three labels into one eliminates the extra material and labor cost that comes from printing and applying a branded packaging label, a strain label, and then the traceability barcode label.

Additionally, this system also enables multi-state processors to give contract designers and off-site compliance personnel access to print the same fully compliant, state-specific, batch-specific product labels. This insures brand consistency for product packaging labels, no matter what state or facility the label is printed.


Preprinted And Custom Labels

Preprinted And Custom Cannabis Labels

Delta9 Systems is a world-class label manufacturer and coater, with the ability to produce just about any type of “custom” cannabis label you need for your cannabis product packaging or other needs. We can produce these “made-to-order” labels in any size, shape, material, design, number of colors, adhesive, topcoating, and quantity that you need.

The Delta9 cannabis label experts work closely with our customers in every step of the label design process, including R&D, testing, trials, scale up, production and delivery to ensure the highest quality label products with superior customer service.


Garden Supplies

Cannabis Garden Supplies

Delta9 Systems provides a number of different products that make your cannabis cultivation, packaging and retail operations a success. Our black/white “panda” growers film is used to line grow room walls, floors and ceilings of cannabis greenhouses to enhance yield and harvest. Other items such as gas flush bags, vacuum bags and two way humidity controls preserve the quality and enhance the shelf life of your cannabis products.

Delta9 Systems provides these high-quality cannabis garden supplies at price points that enable cannabis pros to stretch their budget and get the most from their cultivation, processing and packaging spend.


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