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Metrc Plant Tags

Metrc Plant Tag Printing System

What Are Metrc Plant Tags?

Metrc is software that serves as a tracking and reporting tool to track cannabis production and products from ‘seed to sale’ in the legalized cannabis industry for commercial growers. Metrc is used by a large (and growing) number of states to facilitate cannabis compliance tracking and data reporting.

The “Metrc plant tag” is what the Metrc software uses to track each plant from start to finish. The tags are supplied by the state to growers and cultivators, and contain unique identifier numbers and other information that is printed on the front of the tag and also encoded in an RFID chip embedded in the tag. The tags are designed to be affixed to each individual plant, and remain with the plant through harvest.

Print Your Own Information On The Back Of Metrc Plant Tags

Now cultivators can print their own variable information for their specific growing operation directly on the back of the Metrc plant tags prior to affixing them to their plants. Our Metrc Plant Tag Printing System enables growers to add their own customized information to the back of Metrc plant tags, including:

  • Strain names
  • Lot numbers
  • Feeding information
  • Internal control numbers and barcodes
  • Whatever else you want or need!

How Does It Work?

Our Metrc Plant Tag Printing System has everything you need to easily print on the back of Metrc plant tags. The system includes:

Metrc Plant Tag Printer

Thermal Tag & Label Printer

This printer is configured to easily print Metrc plant tags. You can also use it to print loop & lock plant collars and stakes, plus any other labels, for your facility.
See the printer >

Metrc plant tag printer software


This easy-to-use basic label design and printing software is a perfect match for the printer, and enables you to add text, barcodes, shapes and logos to the back of your Metrc tags. We can also supply you with free sample formats for your use.
See the software >
Download a sample format to use with the software >

Thermal transfer ribbons for Metrc plant tag printer

Printer Ribbons

These thermal transfer ribbons are a perfect match for the printer, and provide clear, crisp printed text and barcodes.
See the ribbons >

Technical support and service plans


Delta9 Systems is with you every step of the way to make sure you are up and printing your Metrc plant tags as quickly as possible. We offer full telephone support to help you get everything installed, connected and printing. In addition, we offer a variety of printer service plans and options to make sure your printer is always in top working order.

How To Order

Order the Metrc printing system kit here at a special bundle price.

Questions? We Got You.

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Header image attribution: Daniel Oberhaus, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons.