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WF-20 Wireless Adapter for the Dino-Lite AF Series

  • Product Code: D6-420-WF20
Tags: QA Systems

Coupling with Dino-Lite AF series, the WF-20 is a Wireless Streamer adding further versatility, flexibility, and agility to Dino-Lite microscope. Thanks to stable WiFi image transmission and long battery life, the WF-20 is well suited but not limited to field applications. The WF-20 can also be configured as a wireless router for staying connected with the internet or a network during usage. The WF-20 Connect allows AF models to be used wirelessly in connection with an iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android app on any tablet, smartphone, or even in the DinoCapture software for Windows computers. The WiFi streamer is ideal for field work or presentations and can stream from one Dino-Lite to multiple devices. 

Recommended for: QA Systems

Microscope Specifications
Dimensions 58mm x 36.5mm x 32mm
Ribbon Specifications
Color Grey: WF-20 White: WF-20(W)