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SATO TXPSX5 Thermal Transfer Label Printer

  • Product Code: S2-204-PSX5
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Best Selling Thermal Transfer Printer For Plant Stakes and Loop-N-Lock Plant Collars 

The TXPSX is a printer designed specifically for the horticultural environments of commercial cannabis. It features a 5-inch print head and can print traceability tag widths up to 10-inch ladder style (sideways). This print orientation allows for faster throughput and maximizes ribbon usage, saving cultivators money on this costly consumable. The TXPSX models comes standard with USB, Parallel Port, Serial Port, Ribbon Save Mode and a FETHER head (floating edge type head revolution) that garden staff to print to plant stakes, plant collars, and tracebility labels all from one unit. 

  • Fast to Load Label & Ribbon Path
  • FETHR Head (Floating Edge Type Head Revolution)
  • Print Media Thickness up to 24 mil
  • Standard USB, Parallel and Serial Ports
  • Fast to Load Label & Ribbon Path
  • High Speed Printing

Recommended For: Cultivation, Processing

Printer Specifications
Print Type Thermal Transfer + Direct Thermal
Resolution 306 dpi
Print Width 2-10 inches
Print Speed 8 inches per second
Label Roll Core Size 3 inch
Label Roll Outside Diameter 8 inches
Dimensions 400 x 457 x 317.5 (mm)
Interface USB, Serial (RS-232C), ECP (Centronics Parallel)

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