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Epson ColorWorks C3500 Color Inkjet Label Printer

  • Product Code: E2-204-3500

    High Quality Color Label Printing With A Small Footprint 

    With Epson's ColorWorks C3500 inkjet label printer, you can dramatically reduce label costs, increase operational efficiencies and print high-quality, durable labels on demand in four colors (CMYK) at speeds of up to 4 inches/second. This versatile, high quality printer allows cannabis processors to print professional grade labels in the quantities needed, preventing the potential loss and waste that comes with ordering large quantities of pre-printed labels. 

    • Ideal for high-mix, low-volume applications
    • Compact, robust design for commercial use
    • High print speed of up to 4 inches/second
    • High-quality four-color inkjet printing
    • Individual ink cartridges for efficient use of ink
    • Supports all major label applications
    • Easily adjusts to handle 1.2" to 4.4" widths
    • Rear-feed capability for fanfold and large rolls
    • Meets BS5609 certification for GHS labels
    • USB and Ethernet interfaces

    Recommended For: Processing, Dispensary

    Printer Specifications
    Print Type Inkjet
    Resolution Speed Mode: 360 dpi x 360 dpi Quality Mode: 720 dpi x 360 dpi
    Print Width 4.1 inches
    Print Speed High-speed mode: 360 dpi x 180 dpi - 2.7"/sec. (4.1" print width) - 3.3"/sec. (2.8" print width) - 3.7"/sec. (2.2" print width) Fine mode: 360 dpi x 360 dpi - 1.4"/sec. (4.1" print width) - 1.7"/sec. (2.8" print width) - 1.9"/sec. (2.2" print width)
    Label Roll Core Size 1.75 - 2.25 inches
    Label Roll Outside Diameter 4 inches
    Dimensions 12.2 x 11.1 x 10.3 (in)
    Interface USB 2.0 High-speed Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T

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