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Metrc Tag Printing System Kit

  • Product Code: D9-TSC-RIB-KIT-XXX

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Make Printing on Cannabis Plant Tags Faster and Easier with the Metrc Tag Printing System Kit

Each kit contains:

  • one thermal tag & label printer, TSC MH241T - 203 dpi OR TSC MH341T - 300 dpi (The 300 DPI version of the MH Series is recommended for customers who want to print compliance labels and other labels in addition to METRC Tags with small text.) 
  • one carton thermal transfer printer ribbons, wax/resin 4.33" wide, 12 ribbons total

Print Your Own Information On The Back Of Metrc Plant Tags

Now cultivators can print their own variable information for their specific growing operation directly on the back of the Metrc plant tags prior to affixing them to their plants. Our Metrc Plant Tag Printing System enables growers to add their own customized information to the back of Metrc plant tags, including:

  • Strain names
  • Lot numbers
  • Feeding information
  • Internal control numbers and barcodes
  • Whatever else you want or need!

No matter what information you choose to add, the ability to print on cannabis plant tags allows you to make the most of the time and effort you’re already putting into this essential compliance task.

Contact the Delta9 team today and learn more about the benefits of printing on cannabis plant tags here

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