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Black & White Growers Panda Film And Ground Cover, 10' x 25'

  • Product Code: C3-420-0488

Black & White Growers Panda Film And Ground Cover, 10' x 25'

Black/White Growers Film is used to line grow room walls, floors and ceilings to reflect precious light on your plants. Growers also put it over top of plant containers, rockwool cubes and other grow media to stop the growth of algae and reflect light up to their plants. Our films are 100% waterproof and can be used to protect your floors and walls from spills, dirt, mold and in propagation and harvest operations. It reflects light and acts as a heavy duty tarp at the same time.

Our specially-designed 100% opaque film can also be used as black out sheets for windows, doors and entry ways as well as garden partitions.

  • Ultra Black / White Ground Cover Film
  • White Surface Reflects 90% Light
  • 100% Opaque Black Surface for Light Blocking
  • Heavy Duty 5.5 Mil Thickness
  • 10' x 25'
  • Custom sizes available

Recommended for: Cultivation, Processing

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