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Tach-It Mini Con R Bottle and Cylindrical Product Automatic Label Applicator

  • Product Code: T9-206-MCONR
Tags: Processing

The MINI CON R cylindrical label applicator machine has a built in 4 ¼ in wide by 39 ½ in long adjustable speed high friction conveyor to easily and efficiently apply labels to the side surface of cylindrical products. It has a small table top design, is fully portable, and requires no special tools or training to operate. This machine is perfect if you’re looking for a middle ground between a semi-automatic label dispenser and a full inline labeling system. To use, an operator simply puts the item to be labeled at one end of the conveyer. It travels along the label head, where the label is applied. The product then enters a vertical conveyor which rotates the bottle against a specially designed platen, adhering the label to the product. The product then exits at the other end of the conveyor. 

Recommended for: Processing

Applicator Specifications
Compatible Core Size 3"
Dimensions 57" L x 38" W x 20" H
Label Size Maximum 5" x 11"
Label Size Minimum 3/8" x 3/4"
Maximum Label Roll OD 11.5"
Speed 59 ft per minute
Type Label Applicator Only