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Dino-Lite MSA3M Metal Holster for Secure Positioning

  • Product Code: D6-420-MSA3M
Tags: QA Systems

The MSA3M allows for secure, consistent positioning for Dino-Lite Microscopes. This holster allows a microscope to be snapped into place and held snugly by the edges of the magnification dial. It provides a great solution to aligning the viewpoint of the Dino-Lite to the screen, holding the scope in the position that provides appropriate verticality on screen. The secure positioning holster also ensures the height is consistent in usage. 


  • Uses a traditional tripod screw size (1-4-20) for universal fitment in various mounting applications
  • Compatible with all Dino-Lite Handheld Microscopes 
  • Material: metal 

Recommended for: QA Systems