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for cannabis cultivation

Complete Traceability Systems, Tailored for Your Workflow

In Cannabis 2.0, compliance and profitability are the same operations. Professional cultivators need reliable tools to maintain compliance with the strict regulations set by each state. These are the same tools that supervisors and staff will use to track and record the data and other details involved with cultivating each and every cannabis plant in the garden.

If these tools aren't right for the job, break down, or are offline, the entire operation is at risk. 

The Right Tools To Maximize Cannabis Cultivation Efficiency, Productivity and Profitability

The Delta9 team has assembled a selection of tools, equipment and consumables that will allow cannabis pros to design and deploy a traceabilty platform that fits their individual needs. Whether it's a small, craft cannabis operation, or large commercial enterprise, Delta9 Systems can help your team track your plants and monitor garden operations with efficient and reliable gear, specifically for the workflow of cannabis cultivation. 

The Delta9 Systems team are experts in the field of data collection, management, labeling and traceability systems.  We've been doing it for decades in the industrial manufacturing and logistics sectors.  Now you can bring that expertise to your garden so you have the right tools, equipment, labels and tags for your operation, workflow, and traceability requirements.

Delta9 Systems also offers a wide variety plant ID media for Indoor and Outdoor applications, custom greenhouse consumables at prices that are guaranteed to help the ever tightening margins of this competitive industry.

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