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Why Transparency in Cannabis Matters More Than Ever

The legal medical and recreational cannabis industry is booming. Growth continues on pace with some projections expecting a $146.4 billion Cannabis Industry by 2025. As cannabis use and culture become more and more mainstream, cannabis users become more savvy and articulate about what they expect from us. We will be expected to cater to a whole new class of consumers, and if we are doing our jobs correctly, they’ll become harder to please. In today’s already hyper-competitive market, how can cannabis businesses build trust and stand out from the crowd?

We predict that the brands that succeed in Cannabis 2.0 will be the ones that embrace and lead with transparency. In cannabis, transparency isn’t just good business sense — it’s mission-critical. 

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why transparency in cannabis matters more than ever. 

The public will always want to know more, and they should

With so many options, the cannabis marketplace can be overwhelming and confusing for the average cannabis consumer. At a minimum, consumers want to know the products they choose are safe, high-quality and consistent. 

Forward-thinking cannabis businesses recognize the value of honesty and transparency. They go above and beyond to help their end-users make informed choices, and that keeps them coming back for more. 

Good data drives smart decisions

Not only does transparency enable your customers to act with knowledge and confidence, but it can also inform the decisions you make as a cultivator. With every data point you identify and record you gain actionable insights, which you can use in the future to improve the next crop. Having records to prevent mistakes and prove new methods will help you take your business to a higher level.  

Knowing the expected potency, or total amount of THC and CBD, that should be present in your cannabis flower at key points in the growth cycle can be essential to producing a consistent, high-quality product that will command the best price. For cultivators, this knowledge can make it easier to identify unseen problems in the cycle if levels are below norms. Conversely, if levels are higher, this indicates a potential change in methods or environmental settings that will allow this happy accident to be repeatable. 

Transparency pushes the entire industry forward

When it comes to cannabis, ignorance isn’t bliss, for consumers and cultivators alike. If you don’t know what’s in your product, you’re putting the integrity of your operation on the line, and that impacts the industry as a whole. To truly push the legal cannabis movement forward and earn public trust, knowledge and transparency are essential. 

A huge part of overcoming Drug War stigma will be making sure our products are safe. This is one of the primary goals of State Traceability, and the most important part of manufacturing any consumable product. It’s a mistake to assume this only means products are free from contamination. Correctly measuring and then clearly labeling the potency and correct dosages of cannabis products is a crucial product safety operation. It might seem comical to us in the industry, but media will call a 40-year-old woman who consumes a 100mg edible an “overdose” every time. Each one of these stories is ammunition for regulators to interfere in the industry.

Cannabis 2.0 is here. Is your business ready? 

Give yourself the advantage by collecting the data that matters, including your cannabis potency. Wondering how you can measure cannabis potency outside of a lab environment?

Enter the Purpl PRO Portable Potency Test. Produced by Purpl Scientific, the Purpl PRO is the first affordable, accurate, portable potency measurement device for the cannabis industry. 

This pocket-sized device connects to your smartphone, giving you crazy accurate test results in seconds. Purpl PRO is designed to provide a complete picture of both THC and CBD, so you know exactly what you have. 

Delta9 is proud to be a premier distributor of Purpl PRO. If you have questions about the Purpl PRO, we’ve got you! Contact us today to learn how the Purpl PRO can help you and your business. 

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Chris Guthrie
Chris is the General Manager of Delta9 Systems, a division of General Data Co. He is an expert in the cannabis industry, having participated in the birth of the cannabis industry in Washington, and has operated one of the first and oldest medical dispensaries in Seattle. For a decade, Chris has participated in the design and managed the construction of dozens of indoor gardens, and has been involved in cultivation, processing, retail operations, as well as industry activism.
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