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It’s an exciting — and challenging — time to be in the CBD business. While competition is at an all-time high, so is the potential for growth and profitability. Despite the disruptions of the pandemic, U.S. consumer sales of CBD are still expected to reach around $1.8 billion by 2022! 

Part of the reason for CBD’s skyrocketing success is its incredible versatility. Today, you can find a vast array of CBD products ranging from hemp-based cosmetics and skincare to CBD-infused edibles, beverages and pet treats — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

CBD products also have the advantage of being sold in a variety of venues, from dispensaries and specialty boutiques to grocery stores, coffee shops, health clubs, and of course, e-commerce stores. With the opportunity to reach such a wide range of consumers, thoughtful product packaging and labeling will play a key role in differentiating your CBD brand and winning customer loyalty. 

So, what’s the latest in CBD product and packaging labels? Get inspired with some of these top CBD label trends: 

#1: Clean, Simple Design Elements

In an effort to distance their products from outdated cannabis-related stereotypes, CBD brands are taking a minimalistic approach to their packaging and labeling design. You won’t find cliché green cannabis leaves or psychedelic swirls on today’s CBD packaging. Instead, brands are embracing a more contemporary aesthetic that uses clean lines, muted colors and simple typography evoking high-end spa and wellness lifestyle products. Minimalistic CBD packaging designs are also more discrete, which may appeal to new consumers who are hesitant to try a product if it’s clearly associated with cannabis. 

#2: Sustainable CBD Packaging 

Switching to sustainable packaging isn’t just great for the planet, it’s also great for your growing CBD brand. According to a recent survey, nearly two-thirds of Americans are willing to pay extra for sustainable products, and 78% are more likely to purchase a product that is clearly labeled as environmentally friendly. Although strict rules and regulations make sustainable packaging more difficult for cannabis and CBD brands compared to other consumer goods, embracing small changes can make a big difference. 

Do your part to go green and gain loyal customers by using creative and eco-friendly packaging and labeling solutions for your CBD products, such as:

Sustainable shipping materials — If you ship your CBD products directly to consumers, consider replacing packing materials like bubble wrap and packing peanuts with recycled paper and biodegradable pellets. 

Non-traditional packaging — Ditch single-use plastic in favor of recyclable or biodegradable packaging materials that are better for the environment. Hemp-based containers, glass jars, recycled plastic, and compostable or biodegradable boxes and pouches are just a few examples. 

Eco-friendly labeling options — Look into environmentally-conscious label materials and adhesives to reduce waste without compromising the quality of your CBD product labels. When it comes to adding decorative elements to your CBD labels, consider embossing. Embossing adds attractive embellishment to your labels without using additional ink, coating or foil, making it a sustainable choice. 

One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint, lower shipping costs and reduce lead times is by partnering with a CBD label producer based in the United States, like Delta9 Systems. We can handle label printing projects of any size and scope to give your brand flexibility in the complicated and ever-changing CBD industry. 

#3: Unboxing Appeal

The “unboxing” trend started as a YouTube phenomenon in the early 2000s and has only grown in popularity since then. Today, it’s common for average consumers — not just influencers — to share short videos of their product unboxing experiences on apps like TikTok and Instagram. Especially now, in the age of e-commerce, the CBD brands that make luxurious packaging a priority will have a powerful opportunity to gain a foothold in the crowded market. 

Creating unboxing-worthy packaging is all about attention to detail. For example, appeal to your customers’ senses by adding unique tactile elements to your CBD product and packaging labels. At Delta9 Systems, we know what it takes to take CBD labels from ordinary to extraordinary with premium coatings, finishes and embellishments. Whether you’re looking to enhance your CBD product labels with a velvety-soft matte texture, a glossy varnish or UV spot coating for a 3D effect, our label experts will work with you one-on-one to develop a customized label solution that aligns with your vision and budget. 

Stay on Top of the Latest CBD Label Trends with Delta9 Systems

Whether you need professionally printed, custom CBD prime product labels or an on-demand CBD label printer and applicator solution so you can print and apply your own high-quality CBD product and packaging labels in-house, Delta9 Systems has you covered! 

Get a custom CBD label quote or contact our label experts with any questions. And if you’re headed to MJBizCon 2021, be sure to stop by our booth — #C5427. We’d love to hear about your next CBD label project!

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