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Although federal legalization of cannabis is likely still years away, when it does happen, cannabis businesses can expect an even higher level of compliance as the industry transitions from state-level regulations to federal oversight. 

With this in mind, savvy cannabis professionals are “future-proofing” their business, putting stricter policies and standards in place now so they can adapt once legalization comes to fruition. 

Are you ready to position your cannabis business for success now and in the future? Consider these compliance and safety tips:

#1: Keep good records

Consistent, accurate documentation is critical for any business, especially when it comes to a highly regulated industry like cannabis. Not only does good documentation mitigate the risk of regulatory violations, but it can also help you uncover the root of any cultivation issues. 

When every operation in your facility must be monitored and well-documented at all times, you can’t afford to have traceability tools that are inefficient or unreliable. With a high-quality barcode-based traceability system, you’ll simplify compliance, audits and reporting tasks, while eliminating the innate human error that comes with manual data entry.  

At Delta9 Systems, we’ve assembled tools, equipment and consumables that allow cannabis pros to design and deploy a traceability platform that’s tailored for their workflow. Browse our selection of traceability tools, including cannabis barcode scanners, durable mobile computers and tablets, cannabis label printers and RFID readers for cannabis operations. 

#2: Create a culture of safety 

While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) hasn’t yet issued industry-specific guidelines for cannabis facilities, any company with more than ten employees is still under OSHA jurisdiction. To avoid hefty fines and citations, it’s crucial to comply with the requirements put forth by OSHA. As the cannabis industry prepares to enter the next stage of legitimization, and jobs in the legal cannabis industry continue to expand, so will the need for employers to develop robust occupational safety and health programs.  

In our new COVID-19 reality, it’s even more essential to protect your team and customers by implementing standard health and safety operating procedures. This means identifying potential hazards such as exposure to pesticides and chemicals, electrical interactions, and slips, trips and falls. Train employees on these hazards and create formal communication plans that cover everything from disinfecting procedures to emergency evacuation, first aid and proper reporting of work-related injuries and illnesses. 

#3: Prepare for an audit 

Surprise inspections and audits can and do happen. It’s well worth it to be prepared in the event that local or state cannabis regulators (or even OSHA or the IRS) decide to give your cannabis business a closer look. 

Along with maintaining documentation and best safety practices, you can get ahead of the game by conducting a mock audit of your cannabis facility. Working with a third-party consultant can help you see where you might be out of compliance. At a minimum, try to do regular self-audits of your facility using the state and local regulations as your guidelines.  

#4: Be label smart

Product and packaging labels pose one of the biggest compliance challenges for cannabis producers and processors. State regulations can change quickly, so you may need to adjust your labels periodically. To save yourself time and prevent waste, you’ll want to avoid over-ordering labels. However, the drawback of ordering a short-run of pre-printed labels is that you’ll likely pay more per label compared to bulk volume orders. 

The Delta9 team has recognized this challenge and provides cannabis professionals with a cost-effective solution for their short-run label needs. With our quality cannabis label printers and special label media, you can create and print high-resolution, full-color cannabis labels on-demand, as you need them. The ability to print exactly the number of labels you need will help you cut costs and quickly adapt to any compliance changes. If you find you need a higher-volume of printed product or packaging labels, Delta9 Systems has you covered with fast turnaround on custom, made-to-order labels.

Get ahead of the compliance curve

The cannabis industry is moving fast. Now is the time to get ahead of the curve and prepare for the higher level of compliance that will likely come with federal legalization. 

Delta9 Systems is here to help you take your cannabis business grow and prosper in this competitive industry. Connecting with our team means there’s no task in the garden, processing or business operations workflow that we can’t help you optimize.

Let’s talk about your cannabis business needs! Call us at 1-877-303-8957, or use our contact form to get in touch. 

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