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They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but as consumers, we judge products by their labels all the time! Especially in an industry as competitive as cannabis, where consumers have an ever-growing array of options to choose from, the labels you choose can make or break the success of your product.


Is it time to take a fresh look at your cannabis labels? Let’s dive into some of the top cannabis label and packaging trends to watch in 2021:


#1: Maximalism Mindset

For the past decade, the minimalism trend has been everywhere—in fashion, interior design, and of course, product and packaging labels for cannabis brands. While simple, clean design will never go out of style, 2021 is expected to usher in the resurgence of maximalism in the form of vibrant colors, intricate designs and illustrations, bold patterns and luxurious textures. The idea is that life after the pandemic will inspire consumers to embrace creativity, boldness, and a “more is more” attitude.


If you’re planning on releasing a new product line or refreshing your current brand, it could be worth experimenting with the maximalism trend for your next run of cannabis product labels. Upgrading to cannabis labels printed using high-performance inks is a good place to start because you can integrate a variety of rich, vibrant colors to achieve the high-end maximalist look.


#2: Going Green

Sustainability is expected to be another major key theme in 2021. Eco-friendly packaging has been in high demand among consumable products in general, and now the cannabis industry is catching up to appeal to environmentally-minded consumers. Earth-conscious cannabis brands are switching from single-use plastic bags and jars to more sustainable options such as glass jars, small tin cans and even containers made from recycled ocean plastic.


Any time you’re thinking about transitioning to a new packaging size, shape or material, you should also consider how the changes will impact your cannabis labeling strategy. For example, replacing flat bags with a round jar or container will require a different label shape, size, layout and perhaps a different adhesive to work with the rest of your packaging.


#3: Attention-Grabbing Details

With more people returning to in-person shopping after the pandemic, it’s important for your cannabis product and packaging labels to create a memorable experience for shoppers. Adding small enhancements to your labels can go a long way in influencing a buyer’s perception of quality. Take Apple, for example, a brand that’s well-known for its simple, elegant packaging that “wows'' consumers at each stage of the unboxing experience with visual and tactile cues.


You can harness the power of small details with your cannabis product and packaging labels by incorporating intentional material, design and embellishment combinations, such as:


     Specialty top coatings — In addition to gloss and matte coatings, a number of specialty coating enhancements are available to add texture, dimension and protection to cannabis labels. Certain label coatings can also create unique motion or 3D holographic effects, helping to make cannabis products jump off the shelves.

     Hot or cold foil stamping — Give your labels a high-end, shiny effect with hot or cold foil stamping embellishments. Hot foil stamping uses heat to transfer pre-dried ink or metallic foils, whereas cold foil stamping uses a UV-curable adhesive that’s better suited for heat-sensitive materials. 

     Embossing — Bring out the fine details in your cannabis labels with embossing, which uses high pressure to raise part or all of the label material. Embossing can be combined with other label embellishments such as foil techniques to give even more dimension to metallic accents. 


Take on the Top Label Trends with Delta9 Systems!

When you’re ready to take your cannabis labels to a higher level, look no further than Delta9 Systems! Whether you have a large order of labels or a specialty short-run project, we can produce beautiful custom cannabis labels in any size, shape, material, topcoating and number of colors. We’ll work closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure the finished labels fit your needs, budget and vision.

Contact us today to talk to one of our cannabis labeling and printing experts and receive a custom cannabis label quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

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