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As any cultivator knows, growing cannabis is both an art and a science. While cannabinoid levels differ among strains of cannabis, they can also vary greatly within the same strain and even the same harvest, depending on a facility’s grow equipment and techniques. 

The challenge of producing cannabis products with precise cannabinoid content (especially the desired THC to CBD potency ratio) is why accurate cannabis potency testing is so vital — not only by third-party labs for state reporting purposes — but within cultivation facilities for internal quality control, research, and development. 

Today’s cultivators need the ability to test the potency of their raw cannabis flower anytime, anywhere. Until recent years, the ability to perform CBD and THC potency testing simply wasn’t accurate, convenient or attainable for the average cultivator. Thankfully, recent advances have made it possible for cultivators to bring lab-level cannabis potency testing methods in-house with technology like the Purpl PRO.

Discover the Power of the Purpl PRO CBD & THC Potency Tester 

The Purpl PRO instant cannabis potency testing device gives cultivators the power to test THC potency and CBD potency in-house, on-demand. This innovative, pocket-sized device can test raw flower samples for CBD and THC potency anytime, anywhere, with lab-level accuracy. 

Whether your cannabis cultivation facility is large, small or somewhere in-between, you can benefit from the power of bringing CBD and THC potency testing in-house with the Purpl PRO! Here’s how:

Save Time with an In-House THC Potency Tester

Although the Purpl PRO is not designed to replace state-mandated third-party lab testing, it does provide an affordable, accurate way to test your cannabis samples when you simply need results for research and development purposes, such as selecting phenotypes from a new strain

Without the ability to test THC potency in-house, you’d have to pause production to send flower samples to a lab and wait up to several weeks to see the results. Even then, your sample may require additional testing to confirm results. In today’s fast-paced cannabis market, you don’t have time to waste. Because the Purpl PRO tests THC potency and CBD potency in seconds, you can save valuable time and focus on fine-tuning your flower until you’re ready to send out samples for final lab testing. 

Improve Quality Control with Cannabis Potency Testing

Because cannabis is a natural product, there can be a lot of variation from batch to batch, and even plant to plant. At the same time, cannabis products, particularly those intended for medical users, need to be highly consistent and reliable. With the Purpl PRO, cannabis potency doesn’t need to be a mystery, guess or assumption. You can test your cannabis plants throughout the process to ensure crop quality and verify consistency within a batch. 

Making THC potency testing with the Purpl PRO part of your facility’s standard operating procedures is a smart way to ensure your crop meets your expectations before state-required testing is performed. This way, you’ll know what to expect, so you can avoid unwanted surprises and wasted time and money. 

Make Cannabis Potency Testing Affordable

Third-party cannabis potency lab testing can be expensive, often around $40 to $50 per test. If you have multiple samples to test at the same time, it adds up quickly. Luckily, buying an in-house THC potency tester doesn’t need to be a major investment.  

The Purpl PRO is priced affordably, allowing cultivators to equip their employees with multiple devices and run tests concurrently throughout the garden. Best of all, it can perform unlimited CBD and THC potency tests, so you can verify results as many times as you’d like without dipping into your profit margins. Then, when the time comes for third-party lab testing, you can send in samples with confidence. 

Stop Guessing. Start Cannabis Potency Testing with the Purpl PRO! 

Wondering where you can buy the Purpl PRO? Delta9 Systems is your source for the Purpl PRO cannabis potency testing kit as well as color cannabis labels, cannabis cultivation supplies, cannabis traceability hardware and more to help you take your cannabis business to a Higher Level. 

Get started today! Order the Purpl PRO online or contact us to learn about our innovative systems and solutions for cannabis professionals. 

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