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Achieving more in less time is a goal for any business, and cannabis is no exception. For cannabis cultivators, the challenge lies in being compliant and efficient all at once. In addition to keeping their plants thriving, they must oversee complex and time-consuming traceability processes to ensure all necessary data is being tracked, collected and reported to regulators. 

Faced with ever-changing regulations and stiff competition, it’s critical for cannabis cultivators to continually optimize everyday processes to improve efficiency, which in turn drives profitability. Today, let’s take a look at three tasks to streamline in your cultivation operation — and the solutions that make it possible: 

Day-to-Day Data Tracking 

The days of managing cannabis crop information with whiteboards, notepads and spreadsheets are long gone. Modern cultivation requires complete seed-to-sale traceability, which involves many moving parts, from barcode scanners or RFID readers, digital scales and cannabis label printers to mobile computers with traceability software for data entry and reporting. 

All of these mission-critical components were designed to streamline traceability tasks in the cultivation environment. However, if your cultivation team has to constantly walk back and forth across the grow room to access the tools they need, your traceability workflow isn’t as efficient as it could be. Just a few seconds of unnecessary movement can add up to hundreds of wasted labor hours over the course of a year! 

Adding Delta9 Systems’ Powered Mobile Traceability Carts into your cultivation facility ensures your team always has the traceability equipment they need within reach. These innovative carts are a game-changer for improving speed, capacity and efficiency in the garden, enabling you to bring all the necessary tools and components – including a computer, tag/label printer, barcode scanner or RFID reader and scale – directly to the point of activity. Because our cannabis cultivation workstations are battery-powered, they can go anywhere in the grow room, helping to eliminate costly footsteps and reduce worker fatigue. 

Powered cannabis workstations are proving especially valuable in ensuring safe work distances in the wake of COVID-19, allowing team members to spread out and limit the need to share equipment. 

Cleaning Plant Pots 

If you use reusable plastic containers to grow your cannabis plants, you know how long it can take to scrub and sanitize every used pot at harvest time. While this step is necessary to prevent the spread of mold, mildew and plant diseases, it can also cause a significant drag on your cultivation team’s overall productivity. Thankfully, there’s a faster, easier way! 

Switching from plastic to disposable cannabis pots will allow your employees to set up and clean up in one step, freeing them to focus on other important tasks in the garden. At Delta9 Systems, our disposable cannabis pots are made from light-reflective Panda Plastic and feature pre-cut drainage holes to prevent crushed or waterlogged roots. 

Labeling Cannabis Plant Tags

METRC ID tags are an essential way to track cannabis plants and products as they move through the supply chain. But on their own, these tags aren’t especially useful to growers because they don’t contain actionable data, like the date, name of the cannabis strain or the type of nutrients used. Some cultivators have resorted to writing strain names on plant tags by hand to keep track of their crops. As you can imagine, this is a highly inefficient and redundant solution to the problem. 

At Delta9 Systems, we’re proud to provide printing solutions that allow cultivators to add data directly onto durable plant tags in seconds instead of hours. With a thermal transfer label printer, you can print hundreds of traceability tags that will follow your plants throughout the entire grow cycle. Thermal Transfer technology uses ribbons made of wax or resin-based ink that melt onto the printing media, in this case, plant tags or collars. The resulting label is waterproof, won’t rub or scratch off and won’t bleach out under artificial or natural light, making it ideal for the harsh garden environment. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder 

Running a successful cannabis cultivation operation is challenging enough without inefficient tools and processes bogging your team down. That’s why Delta9 Systems is always looking for ways to help cannabis producers and processors improve productivity and enhance profitability by integrating time-saving traceability tools, equipment and consumables into their cultivation workflow. Whether you have a large commercial enterprise or a small, craft cannabis operation, we have the innovative products and solutions you need to take your business to a Higher Level! 

Ready to get started? Browse our complete catalog or connect with us today and let’s talk about your growing business!

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