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Establishing a successful cannabis cultivation facility is no small feat. Even after you’ve completed construction, hired a team and moved plants into the building, there’s still plenty of fine-tuning and optimization to be done.  

In the era of cannabis 2.0, cannabis professionals need to operate as efficiently as possible while reducing costs and minimizing risk. As competition heats up, the cannabis operations that incorporate commercial production techniques and equipment will have a critical advantage. 

If you’re ready to maximize your cultivation space, streamline your workflow and optimize efficiency, we have some smart solutions for you. 

Grow with the flow 

Cultivating cannabis involved many moving parts. You want your facility’s layout to have a sense of flow that maximizes efficiency for your staff and eliminates redundant movement. Ideally, your set-up will work seamlessly with your team’s workflow, since every small inefficiency adds up to lost time and money. 

One common scenario is when the staff has to constantly walk back and forth between different rooms to access critical traceability equipment like a computer station or cannabis label printer. This type of unnecessary repetitive motion can lead to employee dissatisfaction and even workplace injuries. Too much movement between rooms can also put your cannabis crops at risk for cross-contamination in the event of a disease outbreak.   

Prevent this problem in your cannabis facility with Delta9’s mobile cannabis traceability carts. These carts are a game-changer for improving speed, capacity and efficiency in the garden. Rather than having your employees walk from room to room, a mobile traceability cart enables them to keep all crucial cannabis traceability tools and tech within arm’s reach. We’ll work with you to outfit your cart with all the gear needed for your traceability system, including a computer, cannabis label printer, barcode scanner and scale. 

A mobile traceability cart will maximize the value of your staff, which ultimately saves you time and money. In fact, the efficiencies gained by using Delta9’s powered mobile traceability carts can reduce labor costs by up to $5,000 per staff member! 

Cut the cord

Cannabis barcode and RFID technologies play a critical role in seed-to-sale traceability. Whether you’re a cannabis cultivator, producer, processor, or distributor, you rely on scanning technology to keep your license valid and your entire operation running smoothly. Are outdated cannabis barcode scanners or RFID scanners holding you back? If so, it’s time for an upgrade! 

Say goodbye to the clutter of tangled cords by switching to high-quality wireless cannabis barcode scanners and RFID readers. Cordless cannabis barcode scanners are especially valuable in the cultivation environment when hundreds of plant tags need to be scanned every day. At Delta9 Systems, we have several cannabis barcode scanner options, including durable, rugged scanners built to withstand the harsh garden environment. 

Along those same lines, a mobile computer or tablet gives your employees the flexibility to move throughout the garden as they record necessary compliance data. By going wireless, you can extend the reach of your cultivation software into the heart of your garden and enhance employee productivity. 

Maintain clean operating procedures

As the cannabis industry continues to mature, experts are anticipating widespread federal regulation in the near future. Oversight from agencies like the Food and Drug Administration will require cultivators to adhere to stricter protocols. For example, even though cannabis cleanrooms aren’t required yet, many cultivators are adopting clean operating procedures now to prepare. 

Clean growing is about mitigating the risk of cannabis contamination, which can ruin crops and cause high-risk complications in immunocompromised cannabis consumers. Making an effort to maintain clean operating procedures is well worth it because you could end up saving a crop—or even someone’s life. 

This could be as simple as requiring employees to wear disposable coverall suits, head coverings, shoe covers, masks and gloves to ensure plant pathogens don’t enter the facility. Some cultivators choose to invest in advanced cleanroom technology like “air shower” entries.

In addition to people, the plants and soil within your facility can also be potential sources of cannabis contamination. Any equipment that gets dirty can carry pathogens and must be cleaned frequently. 


One easy swap is to use disposable cannabis pots instead of standard reusable plastic containers. At Delta9 Systems, our disposable cannabis pots are made from heavy-duty Panda Plastic and include pre-cut holes for drainage. Instead of spending time scrubbing and sanitizing cannabis grow containers, your employees can simply dispose of the dirty pot and move on to other essential tasks in the garden. 

Invest in the right tools and tech from the start

Quality matters. It may be tempting to order the most inexpensive barcode scanners, printers, and tablets from an online retailer. But if those tools aren’t optimized for the job, break down or go offline, you can’t capture the critical data you need to keep your business in good standing. Set your business up for success by investing in high-quality cannabis tools and tech that are built to last—you’ll end up saving in the long run! 

At Delta9 Systems, we’ve curated a catalog of reliable, efficient equipment for every area of your cannabis facility. We’ll help you find the right tools and tech tailored to your garden, your workflow and your budget. Best of all, we back everything up with first-class customer service and support that’s unparalleled in the industry. That’s the Delta9 Systems difference!  

Give us a call at 1-877-303-8957 or use our contact form to get in touch today. 

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