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Preserve and Protect Cannabis Quality with Post-Harvest Storage Solutions

Storing cannabis is a make-or-break operation for any cannabis operation. To earn the best reviews and the best possible customer experience, you want to ensure the final product that reaches your customers is fresh and at peak potency.

After growing, harvesting, drying and curing cannabis, the next step is to preserve the unique cannabinoid profile of your finished flower — essentially “freezing” it in time until it reaches your customers, protecting it from its four mortal enemies: heat, moisture, oxygen and ultraviolet light. 

Improper cannabis storage is the best way to ruin your flower and months of hard work. Improper storage will lead to cannabinoid and terpene degradation, a harsher “dry” smoke as well as the potential growth of harmful mold or fungus. 

At Delta9 Systems, we partner with industry leaders to provide innovative, high-quality cannabis storage products at affordable price points for cannabis operations of any size. 

Take a look at some of the cannabis storage solutions we offer: 

Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum sealing is recommended when storing cannabis for long periods of time. Vacuum sealed bags deliver a leak-proof, “Low or No Ox” barrier to minimize oxygen exposure and provide a barrier against other contaminants, helping to preserve flower as close as possible to its final condition. Vacuum sealer models with a gas-flush feature, like the AVN series, flush out oxygen and moisture with nitrogen, an inert noble gas, to further protect and extend the life of your product. 

Oxygen Scavenger Packets

Oxygen scavengers are commonly found in sealed food packaging, such as raw meat, or delicate confectionery products. These small packets absorb and trap oxygen that would otherwise stay in your packs and react with your trichomes. These packets will significantly help products maintain the pungency and freshness of the nose on your flower, and prolong shelf life without adding chemicals. Oxygen scavenger packets will not affect the flavor or aroma of your cannabis. 

Two-Way Humidity Controls

Once your flowers are stored, you’ll need to control the relative humidity in the container to prevent mold or overdrying. The ideal cannabis storage humidity range is 55% or 62%, depending on the strain and grower’s preference. To maintain optimal humidity, add Integra Boost packs, which release or absorb moisture to maintain the desired humidity in a sealed container. This premium, patented technology has been used in a variety of applications, from food safety and pharmaceutical to transportation and electronics. 

Integra Boost packs will adjust to any variations in humidity, so you can use multiple packs in one container. If placed in an environment with a higher relative humidity, the pack will absorb and trap the excess moisture. If placed in an environment with lower relative humidity, the pack will slowly release moisture to stabilize the inside of your storage vessel to perfect humidity. All of Integra's products are FDA-approved, spill- and tear-resistant, biodegradable and non-toxic. Plus, they’re 100% salt-free, so they won’t alter the taste of your cannabis. 

NEW: Terpy Bags

Keep your cannabis fresher, longer in our new Terpy Bags. An alternative to the industry’s traditional turkey bags, clear Terpy Bags were custom-designed for cannabis storage and feature the following improvements: 

Four extra inches of material — Holds two full pounds and still has enough breathing room to twist and tie the bag by hand. 

Extra protective layer of nylon — Provides very low oxygen transmission and prevents stems from puncturing the bag.  

Superior construction — Extra layer of weld holds up to vacuum sealers and oxygen replacement without crushing flowers. 

Bottom gusset  — Enables bag to stand upright and prevent spillage. 

Combined with two-way humidity controls and oxygen scavengers, then vacuum sealed, Terpy Bags are a practical and highly affordable cannabis storage solution.

Ready to preserve and protect your valuable inventory? 

The proper dry and cure, and then storage and preservation methods of cannabis products are the mark of truly successful cannabis companies. If you’re ready to take your processing to a Higher Level, we’ve got you!

The experts at Delta9 Systems will provide cannabis storage product recommendations based on your specific needs, product volume and budget. We’re here to answer your questions and help you find the best products to suit your growing business. 

Give us a call at 877-303-8957 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll be in touch right away.  

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