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Partner Spotlight: Polysprout

At Delta9 Systems, we’re proud to partner with a range of industry innovators to deploy proven technologies into cannabis facilities nationwide. We collaborate with our partners to develop high-quality, custom solutions at a price point that allows cannabis professionals to stretch their budget and make their cultivation, packaging and retail operations a success.


One of our valued partners is Polysprout, an Ontario-based plastic film and bag producer specializing in supplying the cannabis industry with high barrier bulk packaging and a wide range of Black/White agricultural film products. Their goal is to help growers enhance yield and harvest their cannabis products.


The experts at Polysprout specialize in custom extrusion, offering the latest in lamination and polymer technology. Using state-of-the-art equipment in their massive facility, they can engineer products in any shape and size, for large or small volume cannabis operations.


We’ve had the pleasure of working with Polysprout to deliver several custom solutions for our customers. Here are a few cannabis cultivation supplies we feature:

Black & White Growers Film and Ground Cover

Also known as “panda plastic,” Black/White, UV-treated polyethylene film is traditionally used in agriculture to eliminate weeds, reflect light and protect plants from heat. But unlike some other brands, Polysprout’s film is specially-designed for the unique challenges of indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivators. This double-sided, 100% opaque film can be used for a variety of different applications, from lining grow room walls, floors and ceilings to outdoor ground cover and even as a blackout sheet for entryways and garden partitions.


The black side prevents light penetration to keep roots cool and stop algae growth. The white side reflects 90% light back to your plants and keeps pests away. Made to be 5.5 mil thick and long-lasting, this film is waterproof, easy to clean and can be cut down to any size to line plant containers, rockwool cubes and other grow media. Use it like a heavy-duty tarp during propagation and harvest operations to protect the floors and walls from spills, dirt and mold. It’s a must-have whether you’re an indoor or outdoor grower.

Trim and Harvest Bin Liners

Leveraging their experience producing prime food grade polyethylene resins for the meat-packing industry, Polysprout has created high-quality trim and harvest bin liners for cannabis facilities. These liners are specifically engineered to not react with or degrade terpenes or cannabinoids during harvest operations. Use them to line harvest containers and curing containers or anytime you need a barrier between the container and your flower. The liners are available in easy-to-dispense, perforated tear-off rolls. They come in several sizes and color choices to meet your facility code for Waste, Trim and Flower storage.

Terpy Bags

After harvest, it is crucial to protect the look, nose, flavor and potency of your cannabis. Improperly stored cannabis can destroy months of hard work in just a few hours, and the last thing you want is your flower smelling like plastic. Here’s where a high-quality storage solution can make all the difference in ensuring the cannabis that reaches your customers is fresh and at peak potency.


Together with Polysprout, the Delta9 team is excited to introduce a new product that makes it easier to preserve and protect your valuable inventory. As a cannabis pro, you know that turkey bags aren’t just for Thanksgiving. These industry-standard nylon bags are inexpensive, odorless and resistant to harsh temperatures and humidity, making them great for storing finished flower, bucked flower, sugar leaves, trim and more. However, off-the-shelf turkey bags aren’t totally perfect. Working with Polysprout, we made a few tweaks to solve a few common pain points and customize the traditional turkey bag specifically for the cannabis industry. We call it a Terpy Bag.


What makes a Terpy Bag better than a regular turkey bag? First, we asked Polysprout to add four extra inches to the bottom of the bag. This way, it will fit two full pounds and still have enough room at the top of the bag to twist and tie it by hand. We also asked Polysprout to add an extra protective layer of nylon to prevent stems from puncturing the bag and ruining the air seal.


Another feature is an extra layer of weld, which enables the bag to remain intact when you place it in a vacuum sealer or do a nitrogen replacement. This allows you to take this bag from a short-term storage option to a longer-term solution, saving you both time and money. Finally, we asked Polysprout to put a gusset on the bottom of the bag so it can easily stand upright on a flat surface and prevent spillage. These are the small scale improvements that will add immense value to your cannabis operation!


At Delta9 Systems, we’re constantly looking for ways to help our customers solve everyday problems, maximize their budget and improve overall efficiency. We’ve worked closely with industry partners like Polysprout to assemble a complete catalog of tools, equipment and consumables specially-designed for cannabis cultivation, packaging and retail operations, and we continue to collaborate on innovative solutions to meet today’s challenges.  


If you’re as obsessed with continuous improvement as we are, let’s talk! We’re here to help your cannabis facility and brand succeed in this competitive industry.


Browse our online store or fill out a contact form to get in touch with our sales team. We’re always happy to answer your questions and find the right solutions for your specific needs.

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