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You may already know about the Purpl PRO, a pocket-sized cannabis potency tester that provides limitless THC and CBD tests. The Purpl PRO connects to your smartphone, creating a robust potency testing system with lab-accurate results. 

Traditional cannabis potency testing methods are expensive and can take days to obtain results. With the Purpl PRO, it’s easy to perform limitless tests with results in less than ten seconds. Cannabis and hemp growers around the world use the Purpl PRO to gain valuable insight into their plants throughout the entire cultivation cycle. Frequent THC and CBD potency testing enables growers to harvest their plants at the moment they reach the desired potency. 

However, potency isn’t the only variable that matters when it comes to optimizing your grow. After harvest day comes the ever-important drying and curing process. This make-or-break operation ensures your cannabis reaches the perfect moisture level, whether it’s destined for consumption in its raw flower form or extracted for concentrations. 

Why measure moisture and water activity in cannabis? 

Balance is key when it comes to drying and curing cannabis. Overdrying will damage trichomes, affecting the potency, flavor and aroma of your finished cannabis. Overdried cannabis also burns hotter and faster, creating a harsh, dry smoking experience. On the other hand, under-dried cannabis promotes the growth of mold, mildew and fungus, putting customers at risk. Due to the hazards of under-drying, certain states have limits on the moisture percentage and water activity allowed in a sample. 

The simplest way to determine the moisture content of cannabis is to weigh a sample before and after drying and calculate the difference. But, as you can imagine, this isn’t the most accurate and efficient way to measure moisture content. This method also cannot tell you the plant’s water activity, which indicates if your plant will grow microbial contaminants. 

Other methods involve expensive equipment or lab testing to gain insight into the moisture content and water activity of a sample, which can be costly and time-consuming. Luckily, there’s a better solution: the new Purpl PRO +H2O pack

Gain better insight and control with Purpl PRO’s +H2O pack

The new +H2O pack, available as a subscription add-on to the Purpl PRO device, allows cultivators to accurately test their cannabis or hemp for moisture content and water activity without destroying the sample. It uses the same near-infrared spectroscopy that powers the Purpl PRO’s THC and CBD testing capabilities. This proven technology has been used for decades in the food, drug and agriculture industries. 

The +H2O pack can be used to monitor moisture and water activity throughout the growing process, but it’s particularly helpful when determining the optimal time to stop drying and begin processing your product. With the combination of highly-accurate THC and CBD potency tests, as well as moisture content and water activity tests, cannabis and hemp growers can gain valuable insight into their operation and increase quality control throughout the cultivation cycle.  

Get started today!

Wondering where to buy a Purpl PRO? We’ve got you! Delta9 Systems is proud to be an authorized distributor of the Purpl PRO, providing online ordering and international shipping. If you’d like to learn more before you buy a Purpl PRO of your own, we’re happy to answer your questions! Shop online here or contact our team to learn more. 

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