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Automation is poised to reshape the modern workforce as we know it, driving new technologies that make everyday tasks easier, faster and more cost-efficient. In the cannabis industry, automated processes are already being implemented to enhance nearly every aspect of the seed-to-sale cycle, including packaging and labeling. 

Whether you need labels for traceability and inventory management, shipping, or cannabis product packaging, here’s how you can improve your cannabis labeling operations through automation: 

#1: Boost efficiency

An automated cannabis labeling system, like the PAC5 On-Demand Full Color Print and Apply Label Applicator, can increase the pace of your cannabis product and packaging labeling process significantly. Because the system works continuously, there’s no need for time-consuming pauses for the operator to handle the printed labels, peel and discard the label liners and adhere the label on the product. All the operator needs to do is place the product, and the system will handle the rest! 

In environments where cannabis workers must wear gloves, which make peeling and applying labels difficult, an automated peel-and-present label printer and applicator can create a much easier, more efficient workflow. 

#2: Limit errors

In today’s competitive cannabis industry, you can’t afford for your products to appear amateur or unprofessional on the shelf. The fact is that humans make mistakes, especially when it comes to tedious tasks like applying labels manually. Inconsistent, misaligned, or wrinkled labels are costly and wasteful, and will ultimately reflect poorly on your brand. 

Implementing an automated print and apply cannabis labeling system reduces the chance of human error, enhancing the overall quality and consistency of your products. The PAC5 print and apply label applicator delivers guaranteed accuracy by applying labels in the same place, every time. When you choose to automate your cannabis labeling process, you can feel confident that the products leaving your facility are labeled consistently and correctly. 

#3: Reduce labor costs as you scale

As your cannabis business grows, an automated labeling system will allow you to keep up with increased demand without the need to hire additional labor. In fact, implementing an automatic print and apply cannabis applicator can help free up your valuable employees to work on more meaningful, productive tasks as your business scales. 

When deciding whether or not to invest in labeling automation, consider how much you’re currently spending on labor costs, including hourly wages or salary and benefits. How much are you losing on errors and wasted labels? If your team has been spending hours labeling manually, automating the label application process will likely end up paying for itself many times over.


Is it time to automate your cannabis product labeling process?

As you can see, an automated print and apply label applicator can bring powerful benefits to your cannabis business, helping to improve efficiency, eliminate errors and reduce overhead costs. The best part is that an automated labeling system can be customized to suit your unique business needs and workflow! 

At Delta9 Systems, our innovative PAC5 On-Demand Full Color Print and Apply Label Applicator was designed to integrate with one of the most versatile printers for the cannabis industry, the Epson ColorWorks CW-C6000 on-demand label printer with peel-and-present capabilities. 

Because the PAC5 system is compact and tabletop-sized, it can be used in multiple settings for cannabis product and packaging labeling. It can print and apply cannabis labels in a variety of sizes and shapes, from 3x5x5 inches to 8x12x12 inches, in squares, rectangles, flats or rounds on request. Watch this video to see how simple and easy the PAC5 is to use in your cannabis business.  

Want more information about the new PAC5 Color Label Print and Apply Label Applicator? Our label experts are standing by to answer your questions and help you find the best solution for your business. Give us a call at 877-303-8957 or fill out our online contact form today! 

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