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When it comes to cannabis cultivation, knowledge is power. As much as we wish our plants could just tell us exactly what they need to flourish, cannabis cultivators have to rely on other methods to determine the best ways to care for their crop, including choosing the right time to harvest. Before the Purpl PRO, a lot of this process was guesswork. 

The Purpl PRO is a handheld cannabis potency measurement device that offers the ability to instantly test for THC and CBD potency in any environment, at every step of the cannabis value chain —  from cultivation to consumption. While it’s not intended to replace mandatory third-party lab testing of final cannabis products, the Purpl PRO is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to benefit from the power of insight and transparency. 

How well do you know your grow? Here are three ways to use the Purpl PRO and put cannabis potency testing to work in your facility: 

Pick the best phenotypes

The Purpl PRO is a gamechanger for pheno-hunting, allowing cultivators to quickly identify the winning plants in a batch and ensure the best genes are passed from generation to generation. Instead of guessing which plants will produce the THC and CBD potency levels you’re looking for based on their appearance, you can test them with the Purpl PRO and know for sure. By leveraging this insight early on, you can ensure a more consistent and uniform final product. 

Test new nutrients, equipment and grow methods

Part of the fun and challenge of growing cannabis is experimenting with different products and techniques to optimize your crop. Performing regular potency tests of your cannabis with the Purpl PRO can help you find out what’s working, and more importantly, what isn’t working. 

For example, maybe you’re introducing new nutrients into your soil or trying out different lighting and irrigation setups. How do these changes affect your crop’s potency? By testing samples in-house with the Purpl PRO, you don’t have to wonder. A little bit of insight can help you perfect your grow and save a lot of time and money! 

Know the best time to harvest

When you’re growing cannabis, you want to find the sweet spot to harvest. If you wait too long to harvest, the plant may be dry and dead. But if you harvest too early, the potency levels could be lower than desired. 

With the Purpl PRO, potency is no longer a mystery, guess or assumption. In as little as seconds, you can measure the potency of a sample and know precisely if it’s time to harvest or not. For CBD companies, the level of insight and confidence gained from the Purpl PRO is particularly invaluable. Hemp growers can use instant potency testing to verify that their product contains less than the maximum limit of THC (0.3%) before sending it off to a lab, avoiding unexpected “hot” test results. 

Bonus: Measure moisture and water activity

After harvesting cannabis or hemp at peak potency, the next critical step in the process is proper drying and curing. This is a delicate balancing act that can make or break your final product. Flower that’s too dry will result in damaged trichomes, which degrades the final product’s aroma, flavor, and potency. Overdried cannabis also burns hotter and faster, creating a harsh, unpleasant experience when smoked. On the other hand, cannabis that’s not properly dried and cured is hazardous because the extra moisture may lead to the growth of mold, mildew and fungus. The last thing you want is to put your customers at risk with an underdried product. 

The simplest way to measure the moisture content of a cannabis sample is to weigh it before and after drying, but this method is time-consuming and inefficient. It also doesn’t provide insight into water activity, which indicates if a plant will grow micro-contaminants. Lab testing is another option, although it can be costly and impractical for smaller cannabis or hemp operations.

With Purpl PRO’s new +H2O pack, available as a subscription add-on to the Purpl PRO device, you can accurately test cannabis or hemp for moisture content and water activity as it cures without destroying the sample. The +H2O pack uses the same proven near-infrared spectroscopy technology that powers the Purpl PRO’s THC and CBD testing capabilities, giving you instant insight into your grow and greater control over the quality of your finished flower. 

Where to Buy the Purpl PRO 

Wondering where you can purchase the Purpl PRO? Look no further than Delta9 Systems! As an authorized distributor of the Purpl PRO, we can ship a unit directly to you so you can start potency testing in no time. 

If you have questions about the Purpl PRO and how to use it within your cannabis or hemp facility, our team of experts is happy to help. Shop the Purpl PRO online or contact us to learn more. 

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