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As a cannabis cultivator, you know the importance of maintaining a tidy workspace. After all, when the tools you need are neatly organized and accessible, your facility can operate at peak performance.

But the benefits of a well-organized facility extend beyond efficiency; clean operating procedures also play a vital role in the health of your plants and your ability to yield a successful harvest. Keeping your space clean will go a long way in preventing the spread of pests, fungi, bacteria, viruses and other impurities among your plants. And, in the era of COVID-19, having a hygienic workspace is also critical for the health and wellbeing of your staff.

The good news is that maintaining a clean cannabis facility doesn’t have to be overly time-consuming. We provide several solutions to help cultivators streamline their harvest and propagation processes to maximize cleanliness, productivity, and ultimately, profitability. 

Make cleanup easy with disposable cannabis pots

When choosing a container to grow your cannabis, you want to find the one that offers an ideal environment for the plant’s roots to develop. Cannabis roots thrive when they have the right level of moisture, oxygen, nutrients and enough space to branch out. For many cannabis cultivators, traditional black plastic pots are the go-to. While these containers are affordable, they do have some drawbacks. During harvest, the pots must be cleaned out to dispose of the root ball and soil. Then, they need to be washed and sterilized before they can be used again. This entire process can consume precious time and manpower that could be used elsewhere in the garden. Here’s where disposable cannabis pots come in. 

Delta9’s new disposable cannabis pots provide a secure container for growing your cannabis with easy, one-step cleanup. On harvest day, you can simply break down your plant and dispose of the entire pot with the root ball and soil included. Our disposable cannabis pots are made with black and white Panda Plastic to provide durability and lighting efficiency. Best of all, unlike some other disposable containers for cannabis, our disposable cannabis pots arrive ready to use with pre-cut drainage holes. No more wasting time to add holes and worrying about waterlogging your roots! 

Protect your garden from floor to ceiling

An unkempt grow room can put your plants and employees at risk. Protect your garden by investing in black and white growers film, which has multiple functions. Many growers use this high-quality cannabis film to line their grow room walls, floors and ceilings. The film’s white side reflects light back onto plants, while the black side blocks light to inhibit the growth of algae. 

During busy harvest operations, the 100% waterproof film also acts as a heavy-duty tarp. This makes it easier to clean up spills and dead plant matter, which can negatively impact the room’s humidity levels, invite pests and encourage the growth of mold and bacteria. Our completely opaque film can also be used as garden partitions to help prevent the spread of any plant disease between grow rooms. 

Keep harvest operations organized 

Harvesting cannabis is a detailed process, whether you have an indoor or outdoor facility. With so many moving parts, the harvest workflow must be efficient and standardized. Keep your operations running smoothly and avoid staff confusion by using color-coded harvest bin liners. Made from prime, food-grade polyethylene resins, our tinted harvest bin liners come in a variety of color choices to meet your facility’s code for waste, trim and flower storage. Our liners are specifically engineered to not react with or degrade terpenes or cannabinoids during harvest or storage operations to help protect the aroma and quality of your flower. 

Prevent tips and spills during storage

After harvesting your cannabis flower, it’s time to prepare it for storage. Proper storage protects your cannabis from heat, moisture, oxygen and ultraviolet light. The goal is to preserve the unique cannabinoid profile of your trimmed flower until it reaches your customers. 

You may be familiar with using turkey roasting bags to store cannabis either during the curing process or after. While traditional turkey bags are thick and odor resistant, the Delta9 team saw some room for improvement. We worked with our partners to develop Terpy Bags, our version of the turkey bag made specifically for cannabis and hemp operations. 

Our cannabis storage bags are larger than traditional turkey bags, offering four extra inches so you can fit a full two pounds of flower in the bag and leave room to tie the bag closed. We also added an additional layer of nylon for better durability and to prevent stems from puncturing the bag, as well as an extra layer of weld to include a vacuum sealer.  

Finally, we noticed a common problem: turkey bags tend to tip over, causing trimmed flower to spill out. Our terpy bags have a special gusset at the bottom, so the bag stays upright when filling and prevents spillage. These small improvements can make all the difference in keeping your grow room clean and tidy! 

Professional supplies for professional cannabis cultivators

Delta9 Systems equips indoor and outdoor growers with high-quality facility supplies that save time and make clean operating procedures easy. Check out our full catalog of facilities consumables and cultivation supplies to help your cannabis facility grow and prosper in this competitive industry. 

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