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Labels are much more than decoration for your cannabis product; they play a critical role in building your brand’s identity. As with any other consumer product label, great cannabis labels provide clear, accurate information about the product and reinforce brand recognition, all while displaying necessary compliance details. 

When a customer walks into a dispensary or shops online, they’re making snap judgments—often based on a product’s packaging alone. You may have a high-quality cannabis product, but if you don’t have high-quality product labels, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to catch consumers’ eyes and win their hearts.  

So, how can you make your cannabis product stand out on the shelf (or digital shelf)? Try one of these custom enhancements to level up your cannabis labels:

High-definition color

Color is one of the most important aspects you should consider when creating labels for your cannabis products. Research has shown that up to 85% of consumers cite color as a primary reason for choosing a product. Color also increases brand recognition by 80%. Aside from attracting customers’ attention, bold colors can also be used on your cannabis labels to highlight key details about your product. 

At Delta9 Systems, we use high-performance inks to produce vibrant labels in many color combinations. We offer standard inks as well as pastel, metallic and fluorescent options to bring your cannabis labels to life. Our vivid inks are resistant to fading and degradation, so you won’t have to worry about important information on your label becoming illegible over time. 

Unique shapes

You can find cannabis in many forms these days: pre-rolled flower, oils, infused into food and beverages and even as an active ingredient in beauty and skincare products. This means that cannabis products are packaged in all sorts of containers, from simple bags and jars to intricate glass vials and bottles. When choosing labels for your cannabis product, consider the size and shape of your outer packaging or container. If it’s an unusual shape, standard rectangle or circle labels may not be the right fit. Ordering custom die-cut cannabis labels allows you to choose nearly any size and shape to suit your needs and showcase your brand. 

Specialty coatings and finishes

Delta9 Systems offers several types of topcoats and finishes to add dimension and texture to your cannabis labels. Many of these special coatings add a layer of protection to the labels as well as visual appeal. 

Gloss is a common type of label coating, but matte is growing in popularity, especially among upscale cannabis brands. Our soft-touch matte finish offers a velvety smooth texture that encourages customers to pick up and handle your product. Another unique label coating we offer is MotionCoat, a UV coating system enhancement that adds motion-like effects and creates instant shelf impact. 

Foil stamping 

Add a touch of bling and show off your brand’s personality with hot or cold foil stamping embellishments. These techniques are used to give labels a shiny, metallic effect. Hot foil stamping involves transferring pre-dried ink or metallic foils to a surface at high temperatures. This method gives labels dimension and a distinct feel, conveying luxury and elegance. If you’re on a tighter budget, consider cold foil stamping, which uses a special UV-curable adhesive that’s better suited for heat-sensitive materials. Cold foil stamping is also used to create 3D holographic patterns and designs, which are always popular in the cannabis community. 

Grow your business with professional custom cannabis labels 

The right cannabis label partner can help you take your cannabis brand to a Higher Level! Delta9 Systems has the advanced technologies and expertise to produce custom cannabis product and packaging labels in any size, shape, design, material, number of colors, adhesive, topcoating and finish. We can provide both large quantities and short runs to match your needs, requirements and budget. 

Contact us today to talk to one of our cannabis labeling and printing experts and get a custom cannabis label quote! 

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