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As a cannabis cultivator, your employees are the most valuable asset in your operation. Yet despite the passion and experience many cultivation employees bring to the table, high turnover continues to be a prevalent problem within the cannabis industry. 

Taking steps to ensure your employees are productive, efficient and engaged is key to reducing turnover and keeping your business competitive. So, what can you do to motivate and retain your best talent? 

Here are some ways to help set your cultivation team up for success:

#1: Invest in time-saving tools 

Outdated or sluggish technology can inhibit productivity and cause frustration among your employees. If you find that mission-critical tools such as cannabis barcode scanners, plant tag or cannabis label printers, cannabis weigh scales, computers or tablets frequently break down or go offline, it’s time to consider making some upgrades. Instead of buying the most inexpensive options you can find online, invest in high-quality, rugged tools and tech that are made to last and withstand the harsh cannabis cultivation environment. 

At Delta9 Systems, we have curated a complete catalog of reliable, durable tools and tech for cannabis professionals. We’re happy to help you find solutions that save time, enhance daily tasks for your employees and empower them to do their best work. 

#2: Identify motion waste

Motion waste refers to the unnecessary steps it takes to complete a task, such as walking from room to room to use a piece of equipment. Not only is motion waste inefficient, but it can also lead to employee stress, fatigue and burnout over time. 

Start by tracking the tasks in your garden that are inefficient or repetitive. It could be walking to another room to access a workstation, bending down to reach a tool or even untangling the wires of a barcode scanner. Ask your employees to weigh in on their most time-consuming activities or inefficient processes. Taking the time to understand the common challenges your employees face will make them feel appreciated and allow you to make changes that improve their day-to-day operations. 

#3: Create a smoother traceability workflow

Now that you know how and where motion waste is occurring within your cultivation facility, you can make adjustments to enhance your employees’ workflow. For example, if accessing commonly-used traceability equipment is posing a challenge for your employees, putting their workflow on wheels will ensure their tools and tech are always within reach. 

Powered Mobile Workstation Carts are a game-changing piece of equipment for any cannabis cultivation facility. By converting a stationary workstation into a battery-powered mobile platform, it allows your workers to keep their equipment close as they move throughout the garden. You can even customize mobile cannabis traceability carts with the appropriate tools and tech for each stage of the cannabis grow cycle. 

At Delta9 Systems, we can help you equip your mobile cannabis carts with a range of traceability tech and tools such as wireless barcode or RFID scanners, plant tag and cannabis label printers, cannabis weigh scales, computer monitors or handheld tablets and digital cannabis microscopes for pest and disease control. 

By putting the right gear in the right places, you can streamline operations and improve the productivity of your business significantly. The efficiencies gained by using Delta9’s powered mobile traceability carts can help reduce labor costs by up to $5,000 per staff member! 

Give your team the tools and tech they need for success! 

When you’re ready to make your cannabis business more efficient, eliminate waste and maximize profits, turn to the Delta9 Systems team! We’ll help you optimize your workflow with the best technology and products for your unique cultivation operation. Best of all, we back everything up with first-class customer service and support that’s unparalleled in the industry. 

Give us a call at 1-877-303-8957 or use our contact form to get in touch today! 

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