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Exceptional customer service goes a long way in any industry, and cannabis is no different. Nowhere is customer service more critical than in cannabis dispensaries, which have direct contact with new and seasoned cannabis consumers alike. 

As a dispensary owner, creating a memorable, comfortable and convenient experience for your customers should be your top priority. But when you’re faced with complex, ever-changing regulations and fierce competition, it’s all too easy for customer needs to fall by the wayside. 

Luckily, there are several steps you can take to improve your dispensary customers’ experience, including some you might not expect. Today, we’re taking a look at three ways to elevate your customer service game and keep people coming back for more:

#1: Streamline back-of-house operations

Interacting with customers is obviously a front-of-house duty, but have you considered how your dispensary’s back-of-house operations impact the overall retail experience? For example, if your stockroom is disorganized and products are difficult to find, you’ll likely end up with disappointed customers when they realize the item they wanted is missing or out of stock. On the other hand, if your back-of-house is well-organized, you can quickly and easily track the flow of inventory and anticipate your customers’ needs. 

One way to streamline inventory management is to equip your store with the right tracking gear and tech from the start. Dispensary hardware that frequently breaks down or goes offline is not only frustrating, but it could put your business at risk of compliance infractions. Without reliable equipment, your team would have to pause operations or manually input product ID numbers into the store’s system, which increases the likelihood of human error. Instead, set your business up for success with high-quality cannabis dispensary barcode scanners, RFID readers and label printers specifically recommended for the cannabis retail environment.  

#2: Prioritize accuracy

From dry cannabis flower to edibles, vape cartridges, concentrate, extracts,   and topical ointments and creams, most dispensaries offer a diverse array of cannabis products. In some states, these products need to be weighed at the checkout counter before they are sold to ensure accurate inventory tracking and avoid under or over-charging customers. 

Not all cannabis scales are created equal. If your operation needs cannabis scales, it’s important to find the right model that matches your business’s needs and meets your local and state standards and regulations. For dispensaries, cannabis weigh scales need to be legal for trade and NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) certified with precise readability. Today’s high-tech tabletop cannabis dispensary scales have digital displays and are capable of integrating with a dispensary’s cash registers, payment system and inventory management software. It’s well worth investing in a top-of-the-line cannabis scale that not only provides a high level of accuracy but also gives your customers confidence that they’re getting what they pay for. 

#3: Provide product education and transparency 

Budtenders in cannabis dispensaries have the crucial role of communicating clearly with customers and answering their questions to help them make informed purchase decisions. Especially with products that first-time cannabis consumers may be unfamiliar with, such as edibles or extracts, proper education can be the difference between having a positive or negative experience with cannabis. 

When it comes to elevating your dispensary’s customer experience, hiring friendly, knowledgeable and professional budtenders is only one piece of the puzzle. Empower your budtending team to provide greater customer transparency with the Purpl PRO cannabis potency measurement device. Equipping your store with the easy-to-use, portable Purpl PRO allows your budtenders to instantly test for THC and CBD potency in dry flower, so they always know exactly what they’re selling to customers. 

Choose the right tools and tech for your growing business

At Delta9 Systems, we’re here to help you select the cannabis dispensary hardware that meets your unique business needs and provides an exceptional retail experience for your valued customers. Browse our selection of dispensary supplies ranging from cannabis barcode scanners and RFID readers to cannabis label printers, state-of-the-art cannabis scales and innovative technology like the Purpl PRO. 

Are you ready to put high-quality dispensary tools and tech at your disposal? Get in touch with the Delta9 Systems team today! 

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