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Are you building a new cannabis brand, refreshing your current brand or introducing a new line of cannabis products? If so, creating a packaging strategy that showcases your cannabis brand is probably top of mind! 

Not sure where to start? We can help. Choosing the right cannabis packaging solutions is as easy as following the “three Ps” of great packaging: Protection, Preservation and Presentation. 

#1: Protection: Safety Comes First

Cannabis packaging rules and regulations can vary by state and may include different specifications based on the end user and application. In most jurisdictions, cannabis packaging needs to be child-resistant and tamper-evident, and in general, cannabis labels and packaging design must not appeal to children. 

This can be particularly challenging with cannabis edibles, which often come in the form of gummies, brownies, and other sweets. Smart cannabis brands are steering away from bright, colorful designs and toward more elegant, elevated and streamlined cannabis packaging and labeling to avoid enticing the interest of children in the first place. Because regulations are constantly changing, some cannabis companies elect to go above and beyond the minimum required standards for child-resistant packaging, choosing packaging styles that include special locking mechanisms and other safety features. 

#2: Preservation: Keep it Fresh

Freshness is key, especially when it comes to packaging for cannabis edibles and dry flower, which can develop condensation and mold. That’s why it’s important to choose a cannabis packaging solution that preserves the quality and consistency of your finished products. Common cannabis packaging options such as mylar smell-proof bags offer terpene and UV protection, aroma/odor loss prevention, and can easily incorporate humidity control packs and oxygen scavengers to preserve freshness. Other options include glass jars, which can be a more sustainable cannabis packaging solution for environmentally-conscious brands. 

#3: Presentation: Balancing Design and Budget

After you’ve covered the protection and preservation aspects of your cannabis packaging, you can focus on promoting your product through attractive presentation. Not only does your cannabis packaging need to be eye-catching, but it should also communicate key product benefits and features, as well as essential compliance information such as potency and lab testing data, cultivation details, required warning symbols and directions for use.

One way to keep packaging costs low while maximizing brand impact is to combine lower-priced packaging materials with professionally-printed and highly-customized cannabis labels. For example, basic mylar bags can be instantly elevated by adding die-cut cannabis labels with unique metallic accents. Or, transform simple glass jars with custom wrap-around labels that allow for 360º designs. With custom cannabis label printing, the creative possibilities are endless. 

For even greater cost savings potential, print cannabis labels in-house with on-demand color cannabis label solutions. This option is ideal for lower-volume cannabis label printing projects, whether you’re introducing a limited-edition batch or testing a new product before mass production.  

Ready to Pack a Punch with Your Cannabis Packaging?

It’s easy to choose the right product and packaging labels for your cannabis products with an experienced cannabis label partner on your side! Delta9 Systems is your go-to for all things cannabis label printing, whether you’re looking for professionally-printed, custom cannabis labels or an on-demand label printing solution so you can easily and affordably print your own cannabis labels in-house

Request a free custom cannabis label quote or contact us to learn about our cannabis label printing options. We’re here to help you take your cannabis business to a Higher Level! 

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