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Cannabis businesses have long grappled with strict regulations that call for excessive and often wasteful packaging. From flower and vape products to individually wrapped edibles, most cannabis products require multiple layers of single-use plastic per unit to stay within compliance. One report found that the packaging for cannabis products can weigh anywhere from four to 30 times as much as the product itself! 

Not only is eco-friendly packaging only good for the planet, but it can also be a smart business move. According to a Nielsen study, nearly 75% of millennials and 72% of Gen Zers were willing to pay more for products from sustainably-focused companies. While no official cannabis-specific packaging study has been conducted yet, it stands to reason that many cannabis consumers would favor packaging that’s as “green” as the products inside it. 

There’s no time like the present to leverage eco-friendly packaging and labeling practices to elevate your brand. Here are a few ways to get started:

Switch to sustainable packaging 

The first and most obvious way to infuse sustainability into your brand is to transition to environmentally-friendly packaging. This includes both your product packaging and the materials you use to pack and ship products. While the cannabis industry faces some limitations in packaging due to compliance regulations, there are now several sustainable options that can protect cannabis products from contaminants while being child-proof and tamper-evident.

For example, glass jars are a go-to sustainable choice for cannabis storage. Not only is glass easily reusable and recyclable, but it can also help to regulate humidity levels, protecting the quality of the flower or extract inside. Plant-based paper and plastics (often partially made with hemp) offer another promising plastic alternative for the cannabis industry.  

In today’s competitive cannabis market, it’s not enough to have eco-friendly cannabis packaging that meets compliance requirements—your packaging must also be attractive on the shelf. By adding premium cannabis labels to otherwise basic eco-friendly packaging, you can easily enhance the aesthetic appeal without compromising sustainability. 

Use labels to encourage recycling 

It’s one thing to use sustainable or recyclable packaging for your cannabis products, but that’s only half the battle. If your customers don’t actually know to recycle your packaging, your eco-friendly efforts will be limited. One way to educate customers about recycling is to include a reminder right on the cannabis packaging or product label. You could even suggest creative options for reusing materials such as glass bottles or jars. Using space on your labels to educate consumers will not only help encourage them to recycle, but it will reinforce your brand’s eco-minded image and reputation. 

Promote your brand with eco-friendly “swag” 

Cannabis trade show season is here, and you can expect all types of vendors to be handing out branded items to promote their products or services. The only problem with water bottles, pens, and other popular “swag” is that these plastic-based materials will likely be discarded soon after the show. 

If you’re trying to spread the word about your cannabis company without creating excess plastic waste, a more eco-friendly (and often budget-friendly) option is to create high-quality stickers showcasing your brand. At Delta9 Systems, we can help you create beautiful event and promotional stickers at a price point that works for you. Make your stickers stand out with customizations such as unique die-cut shapes, metallic foil accents and even holographic or MotionCoat® effects. Because stickers are designed to be collected and displayed, handing them out in sample kits and trade show booths is a smart, sustainable way to spread brand awareness. 

Boost your brand with better cannabis labeling and packaging

Adopting eco-friendly cannabis packaging practices isn’t just good for the planet — it can also boost your brand’s image and create loyal customers. 

The labeling experts at Delta9 Systems can help you create high-quality, custom cannabis labels that convey your commitment to sustainability. We’re also proud to offer environmentally-friendly label options, including direct thermal labels and linerless labels that reduce excess waste in the printing and labeling process. 

Contact us to receive a custom cannabis label quote and start your next cannabis labeling project today!

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