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One of the most fascinating aspects of cannabis cultivation is pheno-hunting, the process of searching for the most desirable plants among a group from the same batch of seeds. As a cultivator, your goal is to find the individual plants that express the unique traits you’re looking for, such as aroma, color, growth structure, yield and cannabinoid profile—especially the all-important ratio of THC to CBD. 

Because no two cannabis plants are exactly alike, it’s an exciting challenge to narrow down the cultivars with your top traits and work to ensure those qualities are passed on to the next generation. Successful pheno-hunting ensures your end product is highly consistent, which is necessary for brand reputation. A high level of control and consistency is also essential if you’re producing for patients who rely on cannabis with a specific ratio of THC and CBD for medical treatment. 

The spring growing season is a popular time to “pop seeds” and experiment with new and interesting strains. But keep in mind, pheno-hunting can be an expensive endeavor. It requires plenty of time, space and labor, not to mention the cost of seeds. If you’re thinking about bringing new genetics into your garden, you’ll want to avoid costly mistakes and maximize your return on investment. Adding in-house cannabis potency testing to your cultivation arsenal is one way to remove the guesswork of pheno-hunting and increase your chances of success! 

Test cannabis potency as you grow with the Purpl PRO

When growing cannabis, looks can be deceiving. It’s disappointing when a seemingly perfect-looking flower doesn’t express the cannabinoid profile you anticipated. On the other hand, an unattractive flower could very well possess the THC to CBD ratio you’re looking for. If you make assumptions and judge a book by its cover, you could end up throwing out a promising cultivator. 

With in-house cannabis potency testing, you don’t have to worry about wasting time on poorly performing plants or missing out on an unassuming plant’s potential. Test your plants for THC and CBD potency as they grow with the Purpl PRO instant cannabis potency measurement system. 

The Purpl PRO is an innovative cannabis potency tester that delivers lab-accurate results in seconds. This handheld device connects to any smartphone and uses near-infrared technology to measure dry cannabis flower samples for both THC and CBD potency. It’s based on the same technology used in agriculture and pharmaceuticals to provide chemical information with lab-level accuracy. 

When pheno-hunting, the Purpl PRO takes much of the guesswork out of identifying which plants to keep or eliminate. Any cultivars that aren’t performing as expected can be removed to free up space and narrow down the selection of choices. Ultimately, the Purpl PRO helps cultivators save time, labor and money throughout the pheno-hunting process! 

Make the Purpl PRO your pheno-hunting secret weapon! 

Purpl PRO is a game-changer for cannabis cultivators who want to reduce the mystery of cannabis potency and optimize the consistency and quality of their crop. Whether you’re about to experiment with new strains or you’re just curious about the potency of your current crop, the Purpl PRO is an invaluable tool to have at your disposal! 

Where to buy a Purpl PRO

Delta9 Systems is proud to be an authorized distributor of the Purpl PRO, and we make it easy to buy a Purpl PRO online

Want to learn more about the Purpl PRO? Contact us today. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide more information about this amazing tool!

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