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It’s impossible to keep your arms around this industry. It seems like every day there is an earthshaking development, or tech breakthrough, or some merger that is going to change the game forever. The D9S team spends a lot of time keeping current on all this news. Cannabis is our passion, so we are interested in the happenings of the Industry anyway. Cannabis is also our business so we are required be current for our customers. 

That means reading the trade journals and publications. It means being active on social media (pssst check out @delta9systems on IG!!!) to see the day to day evolution of technique and genetics. It means being at the trade shows in every MMJ and Adult Use State. Now, there’s some discussion about whether the trade shows are worth the time and effort. Personally, the face to face interaction with the other industry providers is very rewarding. The more people we know, the more likely it is we will be able to recommend a service we don’t provide to our customers. More importantly, engaging directly with the attendees makes us better at what we do. It gives us the opportunity to hear about the problems, or “Pain Points” as we say in the biz, that people are experiencing and trying to solve. In the end solving the workflow problems that cannabis Producers and Processors have is our #1 goal.

In an effort to keep these conversations going beyond the show floor, Delta9 Systems has launched a podcast called A High Level Conversation. 

We will publish a new episode every 2 weeks, available everywhere you are getting podcasts now, like Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. In each episode you’ll hear a conversation between me and another industry professional about their part of the industry and what we are working on together. No sales pitches beyond the blatant and obvious shameless plug, we promise!

We want this podcast to put you, the listener, on the wall to hear a candid conversation between two industry professionals about the state of the industry. Our guest line-up features a diverse group of pros including THC and CBD growers, tech experts, branding pros, thought leaders and innovators from every aspect of the Industry. While the individual podcasts themselves will get into the weeds on the expertise of the individual guest, the overall effect should give you the listeners a great High Level overview. 

The episode that we just posted features a great friend of mine named Justin Khuu. Justin is the CEO of RhizoVerified. His company offers a service that will verify and quantify the quality of hemp lots, and give potential buyers a full report that details all pertinent characteristics of the biomass. We talk about the state of the hemp market, some of the problems and successes he’s see this year out in the hemp fields across the country.

Subscribe now! Leave us some reviews, suggest a topic or even volunteer to be a guest. Most importantly, leave us a review so we know what you think.

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Chris Guthrie
Chris is the General Manager of Delta9 Systems, a division of General Data Co. He is an expert in the cannabis industry, having participated in the birth of the cannabis industry in Washington, and has operated one of the first and oldest medical dispensaries in Seattle. For a decade, Chris has participated in the design and managed the construction of dozens of indoor gardens, and has been involved in cultivation, processing, retail operations, as well as industry activism.
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