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We’ve talked about the differences between pre-printed and on-demand printed cannabis labels. Especially for small- to mid-sized cannabis operations, printing cannabis labels in-house can be a cost-effective solution over outsourcing to a commercial label printer.


But, bringing your cannabis product label manufacturing in-house involves more than simply buying a printer and producing labels. You’ll also need to set up an efficient system to handle and apply your labels.


Don’t worry — we have some solutions to make your in-house “label print shop” a success.


Handle with Care

There are several ways to handle the product or packaging labels that you’re printing off manually. One option is to choose a cannabis label printer that offers a “peel and present” capability, like the Epson 6000P or 65000P. With these printers, the label comes presented out of the printer peeled and ready to apply to the product. A new label isn’t printed until the previous label is removed. This capability allows individual labels to be taken as soon as they’re printed, helping to speed up the manual application process.


But, let’s say you need to print labels in larger batches. In this case, you’ll want a printer that provides a high inch-per-second speed so you can print hundreds of labels in a matter of minutes. And to prevent all these labels from spilling out of the printer and onto the floor, you’ll need a standalone tool called a label rewinder.


Our partners at Dispensa-Matic and Tach-It make versatile rewinders that wind labels into a neat roll as they come out of the printer. Instead of having an employee collect and fold up the labels by hand when the print job is over, you’ll end up with a nice uniform roll, just as you would if the labels were pre-printed.


Label Application: Automatic or By Hand?

Reach for a label. Pick it up. Peel off the liner. Throw away the liner. Pick up the product. Apply the label to the product. Place it down again. Repeat.


Have you ever considered what these small motions may be costing your business? Every time your team touches something, it costs money — maybe just five cents at a time. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but over the course of a year, those repetitive actions add up to thousands of dollars!


At Delta9 Systems, we’re all about helping cannabis producers and processors maximize their manpower and improve efficiency with the right tech and tools. That includes reducing the motion waste involved in applying labels to cannabis products.


Here are a few tools we recommend to save time and labor costs when applying labels to cannabis products:


Automatic Label Applicator

If you really want to save time and effort, consider investing in a label applicator, a machine that applies labels directly to your product. We offer several scalable solutions depending on the type of packaging and product volume you have.


If you’re like many craft flower producers, you use jars for packaging your product because they offer the best air seal and visibility without too much light degradation. However, keep in mind that it will take two applicator machines to apply stickers to a jar. You’ll need one that’s configured to apply labels to a curved surface, and one to apply stickers to the flat surface of the lid. If you use flat packaging, like mylar bags, you’ll use a different type of applicator machine.


You can also get aftermarket upgrades and accessories for applicator machines, including ergonomic features like foot pedals. Again, anything that reduces extra time-wasting movements will save money and improve efficiency! Not to mention, an applicator can prevent inevitable human errors, such as crooked or misplaced labels.


Label Presenter

If you’re not ready to invest in an applicator yet, a label presenter is a semi-automatic, lower-cost option. This is a roll that feeds label media and presents it for pickup. Once you peel off a label, it advances the roll and presents the next label. This tool can be a great way to eliminate extra touches and save valuable time in the label application process.


Making the Manufacturing Mind Shift

In the era of Cannabis 2.0, the producers and processors who are truly in the game have a manufacturing mindset. They’ve realized that motion waste is the silent killer of productivity, and they’re choosing to invest in the tools and tech that eliminate excess movement and result in exponential time savings. Thinking in exponential terms like this is the difference between growing cannabis and manufacturing cannabis.


Of course, this isn’t to say that automation can or should replace actual workers. Cannabis cultivation will always need a human touch. The reality is that happy workers don’t spend their day doing mindless, repetitive tasks. As an owner-operator, you have the ability to be deliberate about your choices and use technology to help your employees become more productive, efficient, and ultimately, more satisfied with their work.


When you’re ready to optimize your business operations workflow, we’ve got you. Delta9 Systems provides a host of solutions that are specifically designed to help cannabis businesses improve efficiency, control costs and enhance profitability.


Give us a call at 877-303-8957 or use our online contact form to get in touch today!

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George Griego
George Griego
Wednesday 09th December 2020

Recently purchased a SQUIX (cab) printer to print our METRC tags....WHAT A GAME CHANGER!!!! Our team responsible for this task was spending numerous hours daily handwriting these tags. What usually took 2 - 3 hours now takes mere minutes! The print media on the tags can withstand the harshest of elements to ensure the information does not rub off during the growing process. I can't THANK DELTA9 SYSTEMS enough for their collaboration and execution on this project! Very much appreciated!

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