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As competition within the cannabis industry continues to increase — and cannabis brands fight to win space on retail and dispensary shelves — the importance of eye-catching and memorable cannabis packaging and labeling has never been more apparent. 

In the early days, cannabis branding was largely limited to the “stoner culture” aesthetic, often featuring tie-dye, Rastafarian-inspired colors, and, of course, the iconic leaf symbol. Now, as the cannabis industry is maturing, we’re seeing these design choices transition to more contemporary styles that often mimic upscale lifestyle brands. This new approach to branding has had an overwhelmingly positive effect, helping to influence consumers’ perceptions and elevate the image of cannabis as a whole. 

Are you looking for a way to modernize and differentiate your cannabis brand with distinctive packaging? Good news: You don’t have to overhaul your entire brand. Taking steps to upgrade your cannabis product labels is a great place to start! 

As your cannabis label experts, we have a few tips to help:

Stand Out with Vivid Color Cannabis Labels

Unsurprisingly, most cannabis brands use green in their labeling and packaging. To stand out from the crowd, consider expanding your color palette to communicate the essence of your product and appeal to your target consumers’ affinities. For example, if your product is intended to promote relaxing effects, you may want to choose shades of blue, which traditionally convey trust and a sense of calm. On the flip side, reds, oranges and yellows represent high energy, boldness and excitement. 

Color is something you should never compromise in your cannabis packaging, even if you’re printing your cannabis product labels in-house. This means that not just any office inkjet label printer will do; you need a high-performance industrial printer that delivers high-quality, high-resolution labels with speed, reliability and consistently vibrant colors. At Delta9 Systems, we’ve assembled cannabis color label printing solutions tailor-made for modern cannabis professionals. See how we can help you reduce labeling costs and produce compliant cannabis product labels with outstanding color and crisp, clean lines and edges for text, barcodes, and more. 

Customize Cannabis Labels for Unique Packaging 

Another way to differentiate your cannabis products on the shelf is to utilize unique packaging. Sealable mylar bags are a popular choice for loose flower, but for a more elevated approach, consider packaging your cannabis products in elegant glass jars or bottles, plastic vials or even tin containers. Keep in mind that choosing a non-standard shape or size for your containers and outer packaging will require a custom size cannabis label. The last thing you want is a cannabis label that’s incompatible with your container, which will result in misalignment, bubbling, and wrinkles.  

At Delta9 Systems, we specialize in producing high-quality customized cannabis labels for all types of packages, including tapered containers. We work one-on-one with our customers to execute their vision and bring their brand to life with professionally-printed custom cannabis labels. If you have a creative cannabis packaging idea in mind — or even if you need some direction — our label experts are happy to help you find a custom solution that positions your cannabis brand for success. 

Add Sophisticated Final Touches to Your Cannabis Labels 

If you’re ready to take your cannabis labels to a new level of style and sophistication, consider incorporating premium label materials, coatings and effects. At Delta9 Systems, we offer a wide range of custom top coatings, finishes and special embellishments to give your cannabis products instant shelf appeal. In addition to tactile coatings such as gloss and matte, we offer MotionCoat®, a unique UV coating system that adds motion-like effects to enhance cannabis labels. We also offer hot and cold foil stamping embellishments and embossing for an elegant, upscale result. 

With so many options for customization, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Our cannabis label experts are here to help you choose the right combination of label facestock, adhesive, inks and coatings to produce a truly custom label that matches your requirements, expectations and budget. 

Get Started with Custom Cannabis Labels 

As you can see, a label isn’t just a label. It’s a powerful way to make your cannabis brand stand out in a saturated market, earn consumer trust and win long-term customer loyalty! 

Is it time to customize your cannabis labels? Our cannabis label printing experts are here to help every step of the way. Request a free custom cannabis label quote and see how we can help you take your cannabis brand to a Higher Level. 

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