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Professional cannabis cultivators rely on specific tools and supplies to maximize the efficiency, productivity and profitability of their gardens. If these essential tools aren’t right for the job or break down, the entire operation is at risk of losing valuable time and resources — or worse — falling out of compliance and losing license rights. 

At Delta9 Systems, we understand the unique challenges faced by today’s cannabis cultivators, which aren’t dissimilar to the industrial manufacturing and logistics sectors that hinge on data collection, accurate labeling and track-and-trace systems. We know that having the right tools can make or break your business, whether you have a small craft operation or a large commercial enterprise. 

Wondering where to start? We’ve got you! Here’s a look at a few supplies that can help make life easier for you as a cannabis cultivator: 

#1: Cannabis Storage Bags

Oven bags, or “turkey bags,” are commonly used to store and cure cannabis flower after it’s been trimmed and dried. However, despite their popularity, turkey bags were never intended for cannabis cultivation. They can puncture and tear easily, and often tip over when filled with flower. Buying turkey bags in bulk also isn’t the easiest or most convenient option for busy cannabis producers and processors. 

At Delta9 Systems, we have a better alternative to turkey bags for cannabis storage: Terpy Bags, designed specifically for the cultivation workflow. Our smell-proof bags for cannabis storage are larger than standard turkey bags with an extra layer of weld for added durability and puncture resistance, plus a new gusset so the bag stays upright when filling. Unlike turkey bags, our Terpy Bags were designed to be vacuum sealed to lock in aroma and moisture, creating the optimal conditions for cannabis curing and storage. Available to purchase in bulk quantities, our Terpy Bags are a must-have for any cannabis cultivator! 

#2: Disposable Pots for Cannabis Cultivation

If you’ve been using, cleaning and reusing standard cannabis pots, it’s time to give cannabis disposable pots a try! Delta9 Systems’ disposable cannabis pots are made from 3-millimeter Panda Plastic, available in 3, 5 and 10-gallon sizes with pre-cut holes for drainage and root growth. These disposable pots are a great way to save time and money by eliminating many of the unnecessary tasks associated with handling and cleaning the standard pots. No need to stress about spreading plant diseases among shared pots; simply dispose of the old pot and get a fresh start with a new one. 

#3: Cannabis ID Collars and Plant Tags

Loop and lock cannabis plant collars are an easy and convenient way to keep track of each and every plant in your garden. These rugged cannabis ID tags loop around base stalks or lower branches and lock into place for the entire lifecycle of the plant, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Print your own data on these durable tags to keep your garden organized and improve accuracy throughout your daily workflow. 

If you’re in a state that uses the METRC traceability system, you’re required to use the RFID-enabled plant tags issued by METRC to label and track your cannabis plants. Don’t worry; you can customize these cannabis plant tags too! Delta9 Systems’ innovative METRC plant tag printing system makes it possible to print variable data directly on the back of your METRC plant tags. Everything from strain names to symbols, barcodes, feeding information and more can be added to your METRC plant tags, so you can get more value out of a traceability task you’re already doing! 

#4: Digital Cannabis Microscope Cameras

Last but not least, a cannabis microscope can dramatically improve your quality control efforts and results as a cannabis cultivator. Digital cannabis microscopes make it easier to identify and keep your cannabis plants clear of mold, pests and diseases. The ability to catch these problems early may even save your entire crop from a full-blown infestation and stop damage in its tracks. Using a cannabis microscope camera is also helpful when it comes to harvest timing, allowing you to observe the subtle changes within the tiny trichomes on your plants up close. 

At Delta9 Systems, we offer a range of handheld Dino-Lite digital cannabis microscope cameras and accessories designed to provide fast, accurate and dependable results for cannabis cultivators. If you want to be proactive about protecting your plants, adding a professional, industry-grade cannabis microscope to your growers’ toolkit is a smart move. 

Choose the Right Tools for Modern Cannabis Cultivators 

Delta9 Systems is your source for cannabis cultivation consumables and garden supplies, cannabis labels and cannabis printers, traceability systems, the Purpl PRO instant THC potency tester and more. Whether your cannabis operation is indoors or outdoors, we have the tools, equipment and supplies you need to streamline your workflow and deploy a traceability platform that fits your needs and budget. 

Browse our catalog or contact us with any questions about tailoring these products to your cannabis cultivation workflow. We’re here to help you! 

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