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The cannabis industry is evolving by the day, a fact that’s simultaneously exciting and challenging for cannabis professionals around the country. One of the most complicated aspects of today’s cannabis industry is the strict requirements surrounding cannabis packaging and labeling. 

From the early life cycle of the plant until the final sale to the consumer, cannabis products are carefully tracked using identifying tags and labels. This means that whether you’re a cannabis cultivator, producer-processor, distributor or dispensary owner, you can expect to deal with cannabis labels on a daily basis. As modern cannabis businesses expand in both size and complexity, it’s important to have the right tools for the job — including high-quality cannabis label printers. 

Thankfully, Delta9 Systems has you covered with innovative seed-to-sale solutions for every cannabis label printing need. Learn more about our in-house, on-demand cannabis label printer solutions for a variety of different applications:

Cannabis Labeling and Identification: The On-Demand Printing Difference

Let’s start at the source with cannabis cultivators. If you’re in a state that utilizes the popular METRC cannabis traceability platform, you’re already familiar with the METRC plant tags that must be assigned to each plant in your garden. When you order METRC plant tags, they’ll come pre-printed with a standard set of data, including your facility name, license number, tag order date, unique plant identification number and whether the tag is for medical or recreational use. But did you know you could then customize your METRC tags to your cultivation operation? It’s true! 

Delta9 Systems’ METRC plant tag printing system enables cultivators to print their own custom variable data directly on the back of their METRC tags. From strain names to lot and batch numbers, feeding information, barcodes, logos and more, our METRC plant tag printer makes it possible to add the data that matters most to your garden so you can save time and streamline your traceability workflow. 

Cannabis Labeling and Identification: The On-Demand Printing Difference

When it comes to labeling cannabis products, keeping up with all the rules and regulations doesn’t necessarily get easier. Cannabis product labels must meet a long list of compliance requirements to ensure consumers are well-informed about the product and its intended use. For many states, this includes limitations on text, graphics, and colors. At the same time, your cannabis product labels still need to be attractive and eye-catching to appeal to consumers on the dispensary shelf. All of this can be incredibly frustrating for cannabis brands, especially when regulations are subject to change overnight. 

If you’re looking for a way to lower cannabis label costs, save time and simplify your label inventory, bringing your cannabis product label printing in-house could be right for you! Delta9 Systems offers on-demand cannabis color label printing solutions to give you the ultimate control over your cannabis product label printing. 

Print stunning, high-resolution, full-color prime labels for your cannabis products on-demand, with the flexibility to make changes when you need to. Unlike professional label printing, there’s no minimum order quantity to meet — you can simply print labels as you need them, even one at a time. Plus, with in-house cannabis label printing, there’s no need to add an extra label to your cannabis products to account for state-mandated graphics or text. Now you can roll with the changes while maintaining compliance and showcasing your unique cannabis brand! 

Cannabis Labeling and Identification: The On-Demand Printing Difference

Cannabis label printing is a mission-critical task within the dispensary workflow, too. From scannable RFID and barcode labels for cannabis product inventory management to order forms and shipping labels, dispensaries rely on high-quality, efficient cannabis printers to keep their business running smoothly. 

Delta9 Systems offers a full range of printers for cannabis retail businesses, including office laser printers for administrative tasks, direct thermal cannabis label printers for variable data and barcode labeling and thermal transfer RFID label printers for efficient cannabis dispensary inventory management. No matter if you’re launching a startup dispensary or expanding your current operation, we have cannabis printing solutions that grow with you and your business. 


Cannabis Labeling and Identification: The On-Demand Printing Difference

Delta9 Systems has everything you need to bring your cannabis label printing in-house, with high-quality label media and cannabis printer options for every growth stage and processing application in the cannabis workflow. Our cannabis label experts are ready to help you customize the right mix of hardware, software and services for your specific cannabis label printing application. 

Contact us today and see how we can help you save time and money while meeting the strict compliance challenges of the ever-changing cannabis industry. We’d love to learn more about your business and cannabis labeling needs! 

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