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By now, you may have heard about the Purpl PRO, a portable testing device that measures cannabis potency instantly with lab-level accuracy. When paired with your smartphone, the Purpl PRO immediately summarizes the total THC and CBD potency levels in your cannabis or hemp flower sample, giving you clarity in seconds. 

The Purpl PRO was designed to reduce the mystery and guesswork of cannabis potency throughout the complete plant lifecycle — from cultivation to consumption. So, whether you’re a cultivator, manufacturer, distributor or dispensary owner, the Purpl PRO is an invaluable tool for your business! 

Read on to find out how to put instant cannabis potency measurement to work for you with the Purpl PRO:

Measure Cannabis Potency During Cultivation 

Dialing in the desired ratio of THC to CBD is a critical component of modern cannabis cultivation. To command the best profit and keep customers coming back for more, cultivators need to do more than find the right strain; they need to ensure their facility is producing consistent, high-quality products. The agriculture industry has used analytical technology to optimize the chemical composition of crops for decades, and now with the Purpl PRO, cannabis cultivators can do the same! 

The Purpl PRO utilizes FDA-endorsed near-infrared spectroscopy to measure potency in dry flowers, allowing cultivators to put quality control in the palm of their hands anytime, anywhere in the garden. For example, the Purpl PRO comes in handy while phenohunting, helping you narrow down the best cultivars early in the process. Or, you might want to use the Purple PRO when introducing new nutrients or lighting equipment to test the difference in your finished flower. No matter how you choose to use it, buying a Purpl PRO will unlock multiple ways to refine your grow methods and optimize your production. 

Uphold Consistent Quality in Cannabis Product Manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing cannabis-infused products, consistent quality isn’t just nice to have; it’s mission-critical. While third-party lab tests are required to ensure final products are labeled with the correct potency percentages, there’s value in testing cannabis or hemp feedstock for variability before producing concentrates for consumer use. This way, MIP producers can fine-tune the precise dosage and know what’s going into each batch to avoid any surprises with the potency and composition of their products. 

Know Cannabis Potency within Cannabis Dispensaries

Because cannabis is a natural product, variations can be found from bud to bud, plant to plant. To provide greater transparency on both sides of the transaction, distributors and dispensaries can utilize the Purpl PRO to verify potency in flowers before a deal is made. 

Likewise, today’s cannabis consumers want to know exactly what they’re buying, and what to expect when they use the product. Some consumers may be searching for the highest THC strain, while others want to check that there’s no (or low) THC in their CBD. Using the Purpl PRO in the dispensary environment is a valuable way to educate customers and provide peace of mind with every purchase. After all, knowing potency is key to appropriate dosing.

Order Your Purpl PRO Today! 

Don’t wait to purchase the Purpl PRO — it’s available now at a great price from Delta9 Systems! As an authorized distributor of the Purpl PRO, we can ship a Purpl Pro kit directly to you so you can measure cannabis potency right away. It’s time to stop guessing and start testing! 

Questions about the Purpl PRO and how to use it in your cannabis business? Our team of experts is always happy to help! Buy the Purpl PRO online or contact us for more information. 

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