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In the fast-moving legal cannabis industry, being nimble is the name of the game. Cannabis producers and processors have to stay on their toes to maintain compliance, especially if they’re operating in multiple states with different labeling and packaging guidelines. 

As the industry continues to mature, many local regulators are constantly updating, changing and revising their labeling and packaging requirements to prevent the diversion of cannabis to the black market and protect the safety of the general public. Keeping up with all these changes can be overwhelming, but there are solutions that can help. 

Let’s look at some of the most common challenges in cannabis labeling and how to overcome them:

Balancing form and function

While compliance will always be a top concern for cannabis producers and processors, cannabis product packaging and labeling still needs to be well-designed and aesthetically-pleasing to attract customers. 

Most regulators require an extensive list of details to be displayed on cannabis product packaging, such as the product name, weight or volume, universal symbol label, strain name, batch or lot number, date of manufacture, cannabinoid content and manufacturer contact information. The challenge is to include all this information clearly and legibly without compromising the visual appeal of your brand. 

Consider working with a professional cannabis label manufacturer to create and print attractive, custom cannabis labels that leave space for branding and necessary compliance data. 

Cost and waste reduction

If you produce small-batch craft cannabis products or many different strains, printing cannabis labels on-demand may be a more cost-effective solution than ordering pre-printed labels in bulk. 

With digital cannabis printing technology and special label media from Delta9 Systems, you can create and print high-resolution full-color cannabis labels on-demand, as you need them. This means there’s no need to purchase and carry a large inventory of labels, which helps reduce costs and eliminate waste. 

Modifying at a moment’s notice

When it comes to cannabis regulation, change is inevitable. As a cannabis professional, you need to have the flexibility to update your product packaging to keep up with ever-changing state guidelines, without long turnarounds. If you’re looking for professionally-printed labels that you can modify quickly and easily, consider a “finish on-demand” label solution. 

Finish on-demand label printing involves working with a label manufacturer to create a custom template, complete with any die-cutting, coatings and embellishments you want. When it’s time to add variable data, such as the strain name or cannabinoid content, you can feed the template into a thermal transfer or color inkjet label printer and finish printing the label in-house. This allows you to roll with any new compliance changes while adding personality and distinction to your product labels. 

Take your cannabis labels to a Higher Level

Delta9 Systems is here for all your cannabis labeling and printing needs! Our experts will answer all your questions and help you find the right cannabis labeling solution that fits your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for on-demand or pre-printed cannabis labels, we’ve got you. 

Get started today! Give us a call at 1-877-303-8957 or use our contact form.

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