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In the hotly competitive cannabis market, it’s not enough to have a great product. If you want to make an impact, you need to bring your cannabis brand to life with distinctive packaging and thoughtfully-designed cannabis labels. 

Thankfully, you have options to help your products stand out on the shelf. Cannabis labels aren’t limited to squares, circles or rectangles. With die-cutting, it’s possible to produce cannabis labels in unique, intricate and highly-customized shapes to suit any type of packaging. ​​

Here are three ways to incorporate die-cut labels in your cannabis product packaging: 

#1: Die-Cut Labels for Cannabis Pre-Roll Packaging 

Cannabis pre-roll packaging needs to keep the cannabis inside fresh and safe. That’s why pre-rolls typically come individually packaged in child-resistant plastic or glass tubes. The only problem is that standard, off-the-shelf cannabis labels aren’t suited for smaller cylindrical shapes. With die-cut cannabis labels, you can customize the exact shape of your labels and give your product a clean and sophisticated look. 

#2: Die-Cut Labels for Cannabis Flower Packaging 

Thinking about packaging your cannabis flower in a standard container or even mylar smell-proof bags for cannabis? You can use custom die-cut cannabis labels to elevate the look of these otherwise basic packaging options! In addition to prime or beauty labels, die-cut cannabis labels can be used to display product information on the back or sides of the package. Especially if your packaging is transparent, like a glass or plastic jar, you can use custom die-cut cannabis labels to reveal “just enough” of the flower inside and entice customers. 

#3: Die-Cut Labels for Cannabis Edibles Packaging

From gummies to lozenges, trail mix, baked goods, artisan chocolate and even beverages, cannabis edibles are taking the industry by storm. But what’s the best way to package your cannabis edibles? Glass, tin or silicone jars are an obvious choice for things like candy and mints, while edibles with a shorter shelf life, like brownies and cookies, may call for a simple clear bag or box. 

Incorporating custom die-cut cannabis labels is a smart way to differentiate your cannabis edibles products from competitors on the dispensary shelves. You could even use custom-shaped cannabis labels to represent different flavors within the same product line. Choosing custom cannabis labels instead of a standard off-the-shelf option allows you to explore more creative possibilities and make a fantastic first impression.  

Bonus: Die-Cut Cannabis Labels as Promo Stickers

In addition to cannabis product labels, die-cut labels make excellent promotional stickers for cannabis businesses of all shapes and sizes. Consider bumper stickers or custom stickers to hand out at trade shows and other events with your logo and social media handles. You could even provide free stickers for dispensaries to keep by the register so customers can rep their favorite strain or product. It’s an easy and effective way to share your brand with the world!

Get Your FREE Custom Cannabis Label Quote! 

Are you ready to take your brand to a Higher Level with custom die-cut cannabis labels? You’ve come to the right place! 

Delta9 Systems is a part of General Data, a world-class label producer with the ability to deliver high-quality custom labels in any size, shape configuration or color combination for virtually any application. 

With extensive custom cannabis label manufacturing and coating capabilities, we can produce premium labels engineered to your exact specifications. Our custom cannabis label experts will work one-on-one with you through every step, from concepting and prototype testing to delivery of the final finished labels. 

Contact us today to get a FREE custom cannabis label quote for your short or long-run label project. We’d love to learn more about your cannabis business and help you create a lasting impression with your cannabis product labels.

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