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About Delta9 Systems

About Delta9 Systems

We Are Cannabis Experts. And Traceability Experts. And Labeling Experts. And Workflow Efficiency Experts.

The Delta9 team brings a deep understanding of the cannabis industry to work for todays industry pros. Our cannabis experience goes back to the very beginnings of the Industry on the West Coast. Our team has operated Collective Gardens, MMJ dispensaries, as well as early Rec production and retail operations. We speak the language, know the workflow and understand the challenges our partners face.

We Integrate Time And Cost Saving Technology Required By Today’s Cannabis Industry Into The Commercial Cannabis Workflow.

As the Cannabis Industry continues to experience the explosive growth predicted for the coming years, the operations that incorporate commercial production techniques and equipment will have a critical advantage. The Delta9 team has decades of experience streamlining Inventory Management, Work in Process Tracking, Asset Tracking, and Shipping and Receiving operations. We work with our partners to deploy these proven technologies into cannabis facilities nationwide.

We Empower Cannabis Professionals To Meet the Rapidly Changing Cannabis Marketplace With The Label Printing Tools and Resources They Need To Be Successful.

We are label manufacturers, and we are working with cannabis professionals to produce the next level labels and branding that will set successful Cannabis 2.0 shops apart. We make the investments in State-of-the-Art printing technology and partner with Industry innovators to make sure the print services we offer are the best of the best.

As our Cannabis customers have grown and scaled, we have developed and supplied new products and technologies in data capture, label manufacturing, coating and label printing i capabilities. These services have given our customers next level capability, and the flexibility to adapt to the frequent changes made by State lawmakers.

We Are Part Of General Data.

Delta9 systems is a division of General Data Company, Inc. a industry leader and innovator in the areas of identification, labeling, data capture, workflow efficiencies, and helping companies improve productivity and enhance profitability.

We Can Help Your Cannabis Facility And Brand Succeed In This Competitive Industry.

To be successful in today’s cannabis 2.0 industry, producers, processors and retail operations will need to operate as efficiently as possible, while reducing costs and maximizing their brand. Partnering with Delta9 Systems gives you access to all of the best tools, technologies, products and expertise you need to collect and manage your critical data, streamline your operational workflow, maximize your brand, and grow and prosper in the cannabis industry.

Questions? We Got You.

Call us at 1-877-303-8957, or use our contact form