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Flex Matic Flat Label Applicator

  • Product Code: D5-206-FM16
Tags: Processing

Flex+Matic 16" Width Flat Labeling Machine

Label any flat object quickly and accurately (up to 1/4" thick at speeds up to 1000 pieces per hour). Flex+Matic is the perfect machine for labeling your flat objects. It can label envelopes, plastic bags (even with a zipper), CD cases, PCBs, unfilled flexible packaging, etc. Simply insert into the machine. Adjust guides for vertical placement, adjust digital circuit for horizontal placement. Requires 7/8" from the leading edge to the start of the label.


  • Works for label widths of 2" to 11"
  • 5 IPS print speed

Recommended for: Processing

Applicator Specifications
Speed 5 Inches Per Second