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Bottle-Matic 10" Cylindrical Applicator

  • Product Code: D5-206-BM10
Tags: Processing

Label any cylindrical object fast and accurately at speeds up to 1200 pieces per hour! Bottle-Matic ® is the perfect machine for labeling your cylindrical objects! It can wrap your bottles, cans, tubes, and jars by simply pressing the foot-switch! We can even do tapered objects without customizing!


  • 10" frame for up to 9" tall bottles
  • 4.5 IPS labeling speed
  • Label width up to 8" 
  • Label length up to 25"
  • Designed for containers up to 9" long 

Recommended for: Processing

Applicator Specifications
Dimensions 15"L x 17"W x 8"H
Speed 4.5 Inches Per Second

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